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A mum has warned other parents to check how to wash their children's lunch boxes properly after making a horrifying discovery.

Ah, those were the good old days. When you skipped off to school, ecstatic to be missing a day of lessons in return for a trawl round a history museum, the highlight of the day a special packed lunch which you didn't even have to make yourself *sigh*.

Alas, you may now be glad to have moved on from your lunchbox era after mum Ashleigh shared what she found after performing a more thorough inspection on her daughter's food container.

Ashleigh's daughter has used the lunchbox for two years.
TikTok/ @ashleighjade

Ashleigh - who goes by @ashleighjade08 on the platform - starts by warning all parents who use a Go Green lunch box for their children "You're going to want to watch this."

The mum explains: "So our little girl's got the big one. And they're b****y amazing, lasts really well. This is the second year of using it and it's in perfect condition.

"When we first got it I read the instructions and cleaned it perfectly every time. I have just gone to wash it, and I pulled out her little silicon bits from in here. And that is the state of it."

The mum then shows a piece of pink silicone tinged with black mould.

Ashleigh found mould on the silicone in the lunchbox.
TikTok/ @ashleighjade

Ashleigh continues by pulling back another piece of silicone from the lunch box to check if they're 'all like that' or not.

"So when you have this. You can pull these little sections out," she demonstrates. "Yuck. Okay that's two. I think the water must get trapped in there and cause mould."

She concludes: "F**k. Parents with Go Green lunch boxes, go clean your kid's lunch boxes. Holy s**t. Gross."

Turns out, you're meant to take them out, but Ashleigh didn't know that until now.
TikTok/ @ashleighjade

Taking to the comments, some parents already claimed to know they should remove the silicone from lunch boxes to make sure it's thoroughly cleaned, however others were just as shocked by Ashleigh's discovery.

One said: "I had no clue."

"Nah!!!!! I'm cleaning my daughter's today after school," another wrote.

A third commented: "Shiiiiii I'll need to clean mine now."

A fourth advised: "Yes. This happens with water bottles to the seal around the lid. Always best to pull everything apart when washing."

According to Go Green's website, it indeed recommends removing the lid's 'five silicone bands' daily and hand washing them for 'best results'.

Tyla has contacted Go Green for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ashleighjade08

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