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Mum heartbroken as she can’t pay £2.50 entry for daughter’s school disco

Mum heartbroken as she can’t pay £2.50 entry for daughter’s school disco

One woman was shattered that she couldn't afford a £2.50 entry fee to send her daughter to a school disco.

One mum was left heartbroken after she was unable to afford a £2.50 entrance fee for her daughter's school disco.

Taking to Mumsnet, she outlined her situation as she wrote that she couldn't send her five-year-old daughter to her first school disco.

She explained that she feels like she can't turn anywhere for help and is heartbroken that she'll have to break the news to her daughter, who had spent 'all week' being excited about going to the party.

Asking for tips on how to break the bad news, the mum explained that she was using food banks to feed her family and doesn't have the money to pay a £2.50 entrance fee.

The mum wrote that she couldn't afford the £2.50 to send her five-year-old daughter to a school disco.
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The mum was met with an overwhelming wave of support from other mums who sympathised with her predicament.

One suggested that she 'ask the school' to let her daughter go to the disco without paying, hoping 'they will be kind enough to help you out'.

Others wrote in to tell the woman she was 'not alone' in struggling to afford the basics, while someone else offered to send over some money and cover the costs of the disco themselves.

The mum later updated the post and said she hadn't made the post to ask strangers for money and would be following the advice to be honest with the school to see if they could help her out a little bit.

While it's heartwarming to see people banding together and helping each other through tough times, it's more horrifying that a mum can't afford £2.50 to send her daughter to the school disco.

Sadly, similar stories are happening in households all over the country as rising bills and a cost of living crisis are pushing family after family into a desperate situation.

Turning to Mumsnet for advice, she followed the suggestion to explain her predicament to the school.
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Some families are having to make the choice between heating their homes and putting food on the table as energy bills rise and eat up a bigger chunk of the household budget.

Other households are coming to terms with their lack of money and having to break it to their kids that they can't afford to do Christmas this year because they can't pay their bills, let alone buy presents.

Meanwhile, more domestic abuse survivors are finding it increasingly difficult to leave their abusers as they would not be able to afford the cost of living by themselves.

Some people are sharing money saving tips they hope will help others through the crisis, like how to prepare 24 meals for less than £30 by cooking in batches and planning ingredient shopping well in advance.

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