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Bride won't speak to dad after he refused to pay for her lavish £165,000 wedding

Bride won't speak to dad after he refused to pay for her lavish £165,000 wedding

The New York native stated his daughter wanted to say 'I do' in New Zealand

The father of a bride has received backlash after he refused to foot the bill for his daughter's extravagant wedding.

With the average American spending a whopping $29,195 (£24,192) on their nuptials, it’s fair to say that organising your big day is no cheap feat.

However, one bride-to-be has reportedly given her father the silent treatment after he said no to forking out and covering the celebration in full.

Taking to Reddit, an anonymous social media user posted his recent woes in the ever-popular ‘Am I the A******’ subreddit.

Opening the question, @Solid-Pass8944 said: “My daughter is getting married, and she wishes to have a destination wedding and told her no.

“My wife feels I should do it because we can afford it, but I find it to be a pointless showing of wealth.”

Explaining the situation further, the father said that following his refusal to pay, his child has ceased contact with him and his wife.

The dad explained that this got him thinking: “Should I bite the bullet and essentially burn money, and alienate family members to make my daughter's dream wedding a reality?”

After posting his initial statement, the New York native continued to give Reddit users a little more context on the situation.

“Forgot to mention she wants to get married in NZ, we also are from NY,” he wrote.

“Forgot to mention she is currently asking for around $200k. This is not counting what guests would have to pay to come.”

Due to the unknown woman asking her father for $200,000 (£165,000) to say ‘I do’, many Reddit users have come out to debate whether the poster is right or wrong.

The bride in question reportedly wanted her father to pay thousands to fly her to New Zealand.

“If she can’t pay for a destination wedding on her own, then she shouldn’t be having a destination wedding,” wrote one reader.

“It seems cruel but it’s true. Not to mention there’s so much more money involved with the flights and the hotels and stuff. Is she going to be paying for her own ticket or are you expected to fork out for them too? And her fiancé's ticket.”

A second said: “In this scenario you are NTA. But, big picture YTA as from your comments it appears you are well aware you have raised a spoiled, entitled daughter.”

The father-of-the-bride has since replied to the latter comment, writing: “Yeah, I know I f***** up in that regard. I grew up poor and dealt with many hardships and struggles. I did not want her to experience that and yes, it led to this situation.”

“Dude, stand your ground. It sounds like your daughter and wife think they can sulk until you give in. DON’T give in,” replied a third.

A fourth user agreed that asking for $200,000 was too much, but suggested that the man keeps good on his promise to finance at least some of the big day.

They said: “Did you agree to give her money towards the wedding? It's her wedding and I think they should make the decisions they want to, but you aren't obligated to pay for it.

“You could always just gift her a set dollar amount and let them decide how to spend it."

In another update to his original statement, @Solid-Pass8944 said: “Thanks for all of the comments have given me a great deal to think about. Before anything else, I know I am not the father of the year, and I am a spineless coward.

“Tomorrow I am going to start making phone calls to price what a wedding in NY would cost at different head counts from 100 to 200 people. I do not know the exact size I just know he also has a large close family.”

He then said that after gathering data, he would make an informed choice because his wife and daughter are ‘playing a game’.

“I will tell both of them my wife and daughter that it is a wedding or house,” he continued. “If my wife makes a fuss over it that is a battle I will have to face at another time.”

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