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Martin Lewis issued warning over ‘demon appliance’ that adds hundreds to bills

Martin Lewis issued warning over ‘demon appliance’ that adds hundreds to bills

The money saving expert has warned that something in your house is costing a fortune

There's one thing in your house that Martin Lewis has branded a 'demon appliance' which could cost households hundreds of pounds each year.

Since there's a cost of living crisis going on, the money saving expert has been very busy of late trying to figure out ways for Brits to cut down on costs.

Energy bills are a big part of a household's costs and Lewis has suggested that some of our appliances are more trouble than they're worth, including one particularly costly one which uses so much power.

This power-guzzling demon Lewis speaks of is none other than the humble tumble dryer, with him saying it's a device 'you really don't want to use because it's really expensive'.

He explained that it costs about a quid to tumble dry a load of washing and if you just tumble dry every load of washing as a matter of routine, that soon adds up to a very big pile of money over a year.

Beware the tumble dryer, for it is of the devil and also quite expensive.
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On top of that, the tumble dryer really is one of those appliances you can do without in many cases as there are plenty of other ways to dry your clothes.

The tumble dryer might get the job done quickest of the lot but there's a plethora of other ways to tackle the problem.

The simplest and cheapest way is to simply hang them up and let time dry your clothes for you but there are some other ways to do it.

One mum put up a plastic greenhouse just to dry clothes in as it meant the weather wouldn't re-dampen anything while the house wasn't clogged up with drying racks.

Another suggested people get a dehumidifier and put it under the drying clothes as it was much cheaper to run than a tumble dryer.

Martin Lewis has warned of 'demon appliances' in your home.

Drying clothes in direct sunlight helps speed things up, so doing a load of washing at the start of the day is a decent idea if you've got the time.

Martin Lewis has warned people that there are three hours in the day when you probably shouldn't stick your washing machine on.

Peak energy usage in the UK is between 4pm and 7pm, so try to avoid those times if at all possible.

He's also been warning co-habiting couples who weren't married that they might want to find some kind of legal agreement as there could be hidden costs sneaking up on them.

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