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Mum says baby will be millionaire by age of five after becoming 'world's youngest CEO'

Mum says baby will be millionaire by age of five after becoming 'world's youngest CEO'

She's on track to hit seven figures by the time she's five

Every parent wants their child to be successful, but one mum has taken it one step further with her 'super bling baby'.

Toddler Asia Brown, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, is just two-years-old and is already living the good life, but she's not just enjoying luxury clothes and the most expensive toys.

The tiny tot is also earning her luxury status as a CEO of her own organic hair and skincare company with over 131,000 followers on Instagram, as well as being a huge social media influencer.

The 'Boss Baby' is a future high flyer with a huge audience to boost, and in fact when Asia was born in September 2021, the adorable infant had over 25,000 followers on Instagram in just 24 hours.

Asia has her own business that is set to bring her to a seven figure income by the time she's 5.

She's been so successful in her first two years of life that she's on track to be hitting a seven figure income by the time she's five-years-old.

She really is putting the rest of us to shame.

Proud mum Vera previously told Fabulous: "She’s going to be a millionaire by the time she is five."

Describing her daughter as a 'viral sensation', she added: "It was staggering and she is already one of the world’s top babies’ influencers."

Asia's high flying life isn't just for Instagram, she also celebrated her second birthday in September with an extravagant pastel themed birthday party, including 'kid champagne' from white bottles embellished with gold diamonds, gifts of diamonds and a mini car, as well as a tea party set, a DJ, and even a giant pink inflatable play park.

The event saw Asia and her tiny pals enjoy a fine-dining experience with champagne flutes as well as ornate decorated cakes and visits from Disney pals like Frozen's Olaf and Minnie Mouse.

After Asia was born in September 2021, she had over 25,000 followers on social media in just 24 hours.

Asia has the life many of us can only dream of, with the toddler getting the princess treatment from Chanel dresses to a bed that costs £3k surrounded by the latest toys.

Vera's business ambitions for her daughter are hereditary it seems, as she herself has built up on impressive business empire as part of international detox brand VEETOX. She explained: "I’m self made. I am a plus-size model and businesswoman. I wanted to show the world what hard work and determination can get you after I gave birth to my beautiful daughter."

Asia isn't the only influencer in the family either, as little brother Ice Brown was born in May last year and already has over 16,000 followers on his Instagram.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/princess_asiabrown/queenveebosset

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