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Woman shocked after discovering car has a secret compartment

Woman shocked after discovering car has a secret compartment

People are only just realising that some Mini models have a 'secret compartment'

A woman was shocked to discover her car has a ‘secret compartment’ - and it turns out she wasn’t the only person not to realise.

While many of us spend our lives in our cars, it’s probably fair to say we don’t necessarily know what every gadget and gizmo does.

Sure, we know what the important stuff is for, but on top of the essentials there’s also all the cup holders and coat hangers that often get overlooked.

Well, many social media users are only just finding out that their car has a ‘secret compartment’, which can be opened if you press on a certain part of the dashboard.

“I think I might be really dumb omfg,” TikToker @fenokami wrote as they posted a video of the compartment popping open.

And no, it's not the same as the glove compartment.

Writer Mollie Goodfellow also had a similar revelation recently after seeing someone else post about it online.

She tweeted: “Someone on Instagram informed me the other week that my car has a secret compartment, and I was like sure!!! Okay!! I’ve had this car for like two years I think I’d know!!!

“And when I say I yelped.”

People had no idea.

Sharing a video of their own ‘secret compartment’ being opened, one person replied: “THANK YOU for this important information.”

Another commented: “I’m sorry… IS THAT A MINI? How do I open it?”

Goodfellow then responded: “Just push on the silver bit.”

The feature can be found on some Mini models – but not all, it turns out.

"This was my fav thing about my old mini and my new mini DOES NOT HAVE ONE and now whoever gets in the car with me can easily find all my car treats and I hate it,” one Twitter user explained.


But it gets better.

One other person admitted they thought they didn’t know about the secret compartment, but was very much mistaken.

They wrote: “The best part about this is I’ve had my car for 7 years, thought this was brand new information, opened it and found some old yankee candle air freshener so what’s actually happened here is you’ve alerted me to a potentially serious memory problem - thank you for your service.”

Brb, just running out to check if my car has one... Not that I have a Mini. Or a car, for that matter.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@fenokami/Twitter/@hansmollman

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