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It's a common feature when using any kind of public transport, some guy leans back and spreads his legs wide open, taking up the entire space around him.

There's just no need for it.

The passenger was sandwiched in.
TikTok / @triciasfu

But one woman was left completely surrounded when two men were guilty of the annoying habit on a flight, one on each side. To make matters worse, they had occupied both armrests of the seat she was sitting in.

Now, for the avoidance of doubt, there are rules when it comes to each of the seats on a flight. These aren't written in stone anywhere, but they definitely are best practice.

The aisle seat has more leg room from the aisle and easier access to the toilet, so they get one armrest, the one on the aisle side. The window seat has the window, so that only gets one, the one on the window side.

Because the middle seat has neither the aisle nor the window, it's only fair that the occupant of that seat gets access to both armrests on their chair.

Unfortunately for this woman, both of her neighbours did not follow these rules, and instead spread right out hogging both armrests.

Neighbours on both sides claimed the armrests.
TikTok / @triciasfu

The video posted to TikTok shows the woman sat in the middle seat of the three. The camera then pans over first to one side, then to the other showing the men putting their elbows on the armrests, in a clear violation of the accepted practice.

Travelling on an airliner is never easy, but making room for each other and trying to think of others can make the whole experience a little more bearable for everyone involved.

People on TikTok were also quick to express their disapproval over the entire situation.

Two highlighted the very clear policy of 'middle seat gets armrests'. The first wrote: "I was taught that if you're in the middle you get both arm rests since the window seat has the window, and the other has more space."

The second posted: "You get BOTH! I’m pretty sure it’s the law. Window can lean towards a view and aisle can go pee when they want. The LAW!"

Another shared a sneaky trick they could use to reclaim the armrests from their encroaching neighbours. They posted: "I scooch my elbows on lol, so they're in between the actual seats and slowly the others start moving their arms away".

What is clear however, is to try to avoid the middle seat if at all possible.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @triciasfu

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