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People left divided over ‘birthing makeup’ as mums go ‘full glam’ during labour

People left divided over ‘birthing makeup’ as mums go ‘full glam’ during labour

Reality television star and actor Heidi Montag's 'birthing make-up' is causing a stir on social media.

Reality star and actor Heidi Montag's 'birthing make-up' is causing a stir on social media. Catch the clip below:

If I was about to shove a baby out of my nether regions, I can't say putting my face on would be at the top of my priority list. However, Montag's carton of fries? That I could definitely get behind.

Saying that, if you're pushing a whole human out of your down below, then quite frankly, you can do it however you damn please, make-up or no make-up.

The Just Go With It actor has certainly sparked a heated debate about labour make-up wearing amongst her TikTok followers.

Montag can be spotted munching on fries while getting her make-up professional done in her hospital room.

In the video, uploaded back in November, 2022 a heavily pregnant Montag can be seen getting her make-up professionally done, all while having a quick snack on her hospital bed in the delivery room seemingly about to go into labour.

A photographer is even hovering by the end of the bed, lights positioned elsewhere in the room to get the best snaps.

And Montag's husband, Spencer Pratt, is sat beside the bed and appears to be video-recording or speaking to someone on the phone.

People have flooded to the post in a series of mixed responses as to whether they'd consider wearing make-up while giving birth.

Montag's husband appears to be vlogging or on call with someone.

One said: "Me as a nurse walking into this and just turning around and walking out."

However, another responded: "As a nurse, if I walked into this I'd be so happy my patient was calm, relaxed and in good spirits!"

"So many comments criticizing HER labor and delivery experience. Sit back ladies and worry bout yourself. Good luck with your delivery mama!" a third argued.

A final resolved: "Cracks me up how opinionated & judgy people are. You’re absolutely stunning! Love you and Spencer. This is epic!"

A photographer is also present in the hospital room.

Montag isn't the only TikToking parent to have gotten camera-ready before giving birth.

Content creator Lae Harris uploaded a video two years ago sharing her getting ready for the arrival of her baby.

She wrote: "I did my makeup before birthday my baby. I wanted her to meet the queen in full face."

While some were more hesitant, most TikTokers loved Harris' full-face for going into labour.

One joked: "Labor-proof full coverage makeup routine + wear test."

"This is proof we don’t do our makeup for the boyz," another said, as a final resolved: "Bestie did full face while her meow meow expanding by a human being; if this isn’t power then idk what is."

Featured Image Credit: @heidimontag/TikTok

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