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Woman Spotted Leading Parade Of Animals Down The Street

Woman Spotted Leading Parade Of Animals Down The Street

A woman has been spotted leading a parade of animals down a street in Turkey - and the reasons behind it are just heartwarming.

It may sound like the plot of a Disney movie, but the unknown woman is known to have been kindly feeding the stray animals in Istanbul for years now.

Incredible videos show the woman leading animals of all shapes and sizes - from dogs to cats and crows - down the street like a real life Doctor Doolittle.


The woman has been spotted multiple times in the last few years, with a woman named Dilara İlter first posting footage of the animal saviour on Twitter in 2017.

Dilara had been staying at her mother's house when she first saw the remarkable sight. "This lady gathers all the animals in the neighbourhood every day and feeds them," she explained online.

Speaking to The Dodo, she said: "The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard or something. The scene was so poetic. I was amazed how beautiful what she was doing for these animals."


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Then, a year later, Dilara saw the woman again, sharing another video to Twitter with the caption: "We meet again :) I couldn't go and talk, but we'll meet you one day, super woman."

Later, the woman posted an update that her mother had gone over to talk to the woman who was "pretty shy".


"My mom found her and talked to her but she was too shy to talk," she told the outlet. "The streets are full of food left out for animals. It's pretty common in Turkey actually. Everybody loves stray animals here."

According to Dilara, the selfless woman still takes to the streets of Istanbul to feed the stray animals until this day, rewarded only by the wagging tails and chirping birds.


How lovely.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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