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Vet reveals the five animals he’d never own as a pet and why

Vet reveals the five animals he’d never own as a pet and why

TikToker Ben the Vet has issued a warning to animal-lovers

If you're hoping to fill a hole in your life but don't fancy investing into a romantic partner, you may be considered getting yourself a furry friend.

But an animal expert has this week issued a warning against the adoption of several critters, deeming them to be more work than they're worth.

Taking to TikTok, the veterinarian-turned content creator named Ben - who goes by the innovative username of on the video-sharing app - even went as far as to list the five animals that he himself would NEVER keep in his home.

Ben the vet has warned people off these five animals.

Before breaking the news to his 200,000+ followers, however, Ben thought it important to disclose that, by including them in his 'do not go there' list, he isn't claiming he doesn't like these animals.

He's simply setting the record straight on which animals it can drain your pocket to keep, or which are subjected to the most common health complications.

Emphasising that his profession exposed him 'to all the pitfalls of having particular pets as well as the rewarding side of things'


Ben says parrots need lots of space and stimulation.
Getty/Sebastian Condrea

He began his list by announcing that he'd NEVER keep parrots.

"Firstly, having a parrot means never having a nonstick saucepan again - no joke, when it's heated, the coating releases a gas which can be fatal to parrots," he explained.

Ben added that, while parrots can be considered 'highly rewarding pets', it can be 'extremely difficult' to provide birds with the correct amount of 'space and stimulation', being that they're usually in the wild.


Having mice as pets might break your heart.
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Coming in in the No. 2 position is the humble mouse, with Ben explaining that they only live for about one or two years, which can be hard for the owner.

"I've had lots of guinea pigs over the years, and you grow very attached to them," he continued.

"It's hard enough to say goodbye after four or five years, but for me, a year, as an amount of time to develop a bond with a pet and then have to say goodbye to them, is too short."


Rabbits aren't great around children.
Getty/Mint Images

Landing in third are rabbits, being that they often don't do well in households with youngsters.

"Contrary to what many people assume, they [rabbits] really don't make great children's pets. They're a prey species, so they're naturally very timid," he went on.

"They don't always enjoy being held and they're very fragile. They kick and they fall out your arms from a height onto the floor.

"It's not unheard of for them to break limb bones and even their spines."

Ben added that, as well as their lack of sociability, they're also prone to health issues and can often rack up expensive vet bills.

He added: "They can be great pets if you invest time in them, but too many people get them put them in the hutch and forget about them."


Ben argued that monkeys should never be domesticated.

Though Friends fans may not agree, Ben goes on to dub monkeys the fourth worst pet to keep.

"It's estimated [there are] 5,000 primates kept as pets in the UK," he revealed. "I talked in another video about how a few years ago, I volunteered at a wildlife charity in Ecuador.

"Many of the monkeys that were there were baby monkeys whose mothers had been shot and the baby snatched with the intention to be sold as pets to people who just want monkeys as a pet because they're cute."

Ben concluded his primate segment by stating that, because monkeys are 'highly intelligent', they were never meant to be domesticated.


Ferrets really do stink.
Getty Stock Images

And last up on his list is the ferret.

He went on: "They are cheeky, funny, entertaining pets, but they are an acquired taste.

"They really do stink and they have nasty bites if they lock onto your hand."

He explained that, like parrots, they also need LOTS of interaction - as well as physical space - he advised that ferrets simply 'aren't for everyone'.

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