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These Are The Surprising Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs

These Are The Surprising Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs

Every dog owner needs to see this.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Every dog owner knows that having a pooch who eats just about anything and everything can be challenging, especially when out walking or in the garden.

And while many of us are aware of certain foods our dogs absolutely cannot eat (for example chocolate, garlic, onions - to name a few) do you know the everyday garden plants that could cause serious harm?

Do you know which plants are harmful to your dog? (

Thanks to Dogs Trust - who have released a handy list of all the plants and flowers that are harmful and in some cases fatal for our dogs - we can give you the lowdown on the unexpected shrubbery that are a no-no for your pooch.

One of the most surprising flowers is the daffodil, which can be fatal for dogs, causing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases dermatitis.

It's a similar story for buttercups. The yellow flowers grow in gardens and meadows and you might remember holding one under your mate's chin when you were little to see if they liked butter!

Surprisingly, daffodils are very toxic for dogs (

But for dogs, Dogs Trust explain the "juice may severely injure the digestive system [and] may also cause dermatitis."

It's also important for owners to be extra careful with avocados too, as they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, laboured breathing and can also be fatal. Similarly, apricot kernels, which contain cyanide, can put your dog at risk of death if ingested.

Dog owners also need to be especially mindful around Christmas time, as mistletoe is extremely toxic for dogs and can also be fatal in puppies.

Baby's breath is also harmful to dogs (

Dogs Trust say: "[The] Gastrointestinal tract [is] affected. May cause dermatitis. If eaten by a puppy, a few berries can be fatal."

Foxgloves too can be toxic if eaten, along with geranium, hibiscus, snow drops, St John's Wort and ivy. Baby's breath meanwhile is also harmful, as well as aloe vera, bluebells, elderberries and cala lillies.

Dogs Trust has put together a handy alphabetical directory of all the harmful plants and flowers which you can view here.

They explain: "Dogs Trust assumes no liability for the content of the following list. This does not represent a complete list of all poisonous plants and is only intended as a guide.

"Please contact your veterinary surgeon for advice or treatment immediately if you think your pet has eaten any of the following plants and is showing a bad reaction.

"Your pet may also have a sensitivity or allergy to a plant that is not on the list, so always be vigilant and seek help if you are worried about your pet's health."

It definitely seems like a good idea to make yourself familiar with this list...

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