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The UK's Messiest Bedrooms Have Been Revealed

The UK's Messiest Bedrooms Have Been Revealed

One even features a leftover garlic bread!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Last month, we told you how bed company Bed SOS was on the hunt to find the nation's messiest room - and now, it looks like they've found their winner.

Over the last month, images of filthy bedrooms have been rolling in, with candidates hoping to be crowned as having Britain's Messiest Bedroom (as well as bagging the prize of a Bed SOS bed worth £400).

Runner up, Claire, sent in an image of her son's room (
Bed SOS)

Over 300 Brits sent in snaps of their cluttered rooms - from piled up washing on the 'floordrobe', to hoarding plates and glasses, shelves packed with clutter and messy unmade beds - these rooms are a total tip!

But now, the time has come and the winner has finally been announced. Drum roll please...

Congrats to Sara from County Down, Northern Ireland! Sara's bedroom was filled with fast food containers, biscuit wrappers and even a dead plant - you can see it for yourself below...

Congrats, Sara! (
Bed SOS)

Yep, that is seriously messy! But who said being untidy was a bad thing? After all, Sara has just bagged herself a new bed!

Alongside Sara's, there were some seriously close runners up, including Olivia from Manchester who showed off an impressive floordrobe.

See below...

Olivia's floordrobe is pretty impressive (
Bed SOS)

Meanwhile, Claire from Farnham - who sent in an image of her son's bedroom - says she doesn't dare enter anymore (we can see why).

One man named Luke even had a full, uneaten pizza on display in his room as well as a carton of beer and a garlic bread. We can't imagine it smells great in there, Luke.

Danny Richmond, Managing Director of Bed SOS, said: "Aside from how cluttered some of the entries are, we were most shocked by just how many people sent in pictures of their messy bedrooms!

Luke had a full pizza and garlic bread on display (
Bed SOS)

"Looks like there's a lot more people who could do with giving their room some TLC than you'd expect.

"Congratulations to our winner, Sara, with the messiest bedroom. Don't worry though, with so many entries, clearly you're in good company. We hope you enjoy your new bed... but it might be worth having a declutter before it arrives."

Congrats, Sara!

Featured Image Credit: Bed SOS

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