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Experts Warn You Should Be Using Sun Cream For Your Dog This Summer

Experts Warn You Should Be Using Sun Cream For Your Dog This Summer

Our fur babies can get sunburn too!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Ever looked at your dog basking in the midday sun and thought, do they need sun cream?

Well, it might surprise you to know that the answer is yes, they do. Just like humans, our fur babies can get sunburn, especially in areas where their fur is thinner or on the nose, ears where the fur is sparse, the tip of their tail or on their bellies.

While fur helps, it doesn't protect from UV, so even if you're dog is particularly fluffy, you still need to think about protecting them from the sun's harmful rays.

Just like humans, our fur babies can get sunburn too (

Like us, sunburn can lead to pain, discomfort, blistering, peeling and in some cases, skin cancer - so it's essential to make sure your pup is protected from the elements.

In addition, certain breeds are more susceptible, especially those with white coats, pink skin, or those where the skin is more exposed.

So how can you keep your pup protected?!

Well the answer is a pet-friendly sun block, which you can buy online, or from pet dedicated shops. Please don't use a standard human version as it could contain certain ingredients, such as zinc oxide, that can be toxic to dogs!

Your pup will particularly need protecting on the areas mentioned above, so pay special attention to spots where the fur is sparse, or there's no fur at all.

It's also important to try your best to prevent your dog from licking it off. If you're struggling, you can also buy sun screen wipes (also handy for when you're on the go).

Dogs' noses are particular at risk (

Speaking to Tyla, Dr. Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets at Pets at Home explained: "Now that the sun is finally shining, pet owners are sure to be turning to their gardens and getting out and about with their pets in the sunshine, which poses an increased risk of heat stroke and sunburn in pets.

"To help keep pets safe in the sun, it's important to provide shaded areas and cooling products. Just as the sun can be damaging to our skin, it also poses a risk for the health of our pets too, especially on their noses and exposed areas, and if they have light coloured, very short or fine fur.

"Dog friendly sun block is an effective way to help protect from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays when outdoors."

Aside from sun screen, limiting your dog's sunlight exposure is also a good way to avoid sunburn, too.

It's best to walk your dog in the mornings or evenings when it's cooler (

In the same way dogs shouldn't be exercised in the scorching midday heat, try walking in the cooler mornings and evenings, make sure they have access to shade, and don't let them sunbathe for long periods.

And of course, always make sure they have access to fresh water.

"It's also important for pet owners to take careful precautions during the summer months, such as never leaving your dog in a hot car and even if your dog is keen to, you should avoid walking or exercising your dog during the hottest part of the day," Dr Heyrman continued.

"If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, you should take them to a vet immediately for treatment. They'll also be able to provide you with any further advice on how to keep your pet safe and cool in the summer."

Looks like it's time to stock up on some doggy sun screen!

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