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Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde For Three Weeks

Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde For Three Weeks

PSA Mercury is going into retrograde!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Guys and gals, we have some rather unsettling news to report: Mercury is going into retrograde for three weeks - so hold on tight!

Mercury is going into retrograde for three weeks (

In case you need a recap, the Mercury retrograde is basically an optical illusion which occurs when Mercury appears to move backwards.

It can happen several times a year, because unlike Earth, Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit the sun. We've already had one mercury retrograde this year - between 30th January and 20th February - and there will be another in September.

However, starting on 29th May until 22nd June, Mercury will retrograde in Gemini - and it means big things for our love lives.

To find out all the deets, Tyla spoke to Lisa Stardust - NYC-based astrologer and author of Saturn Return Survival Guide who explained that the retrograde could actually go on for much longer due to the 'pre-retrograde zone'.

Don't be texting your ex this weekend! (

Lisa explained that as per, the retrograde will add some anxiety 'to our vibes', but she also mentioned that there could be a blast from the past - so whatever you do, do not text your ex!

You've been warned.

"Mercury retrograde in Gemini begins on May 29 until June 22. The pre-retrograde zone began on May 14 (which is when the story began) and the post-retroshade zone will end on July 7. Therefore, we'll be working with this energy for a while.

"This retrograde will expose secrets, scandals, and add anxiety to our vibes. Take time for yourself to avoid issues. Be gentle with yourself and others. Give yourself extra time for projects and travel. Say 'hello' to old ghosts from the past. And, make sure your work is backed up in the cloud."

Don't be texting your ex! (

Yikes! So why does the Mercury retrograde tend to cause so many problems?

Well, Tammy Richards, Health Practitioner at Pure Optical explains it can have a 'backwards' affect on all areas of our lives.

"Despite just being an optical illusion, and Mercury isn't actually moving backwards, we still feel a knock-on negative, or 'backwards' effect in our lives," says Tammy. "Mercury is the planet which rules all forms of expression and communication. As it retrogrades, communication will feel more out of control and harder to cope with.

"Communication is a key part of our everyday lives. From working with colleagues to dating, successful communication can be the most important factor in building all kinds of successful relationships, so when Mercury is in retrograde, we find our relationships seem harder to maintain."

Tammy especially recommends not making any impulsive decisions in your love life.

"As Mercury retrograde can result in not thinking clearly, you may not be able to make rational decisions and end up misinterpreting things," she added.

Right guys, step away from your phone!

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