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Dani Dyer Asks Fans For Advice After Baby Santiago Develops Spots After Breastfeeding

Dani Dyer Asks Fans For Advice After Baby Santiago Develops Spots After Breastfeeding

Dani appealed to her followers after baby Santiago appeared to have developed spots after breastfeeding.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Dani Dyer asked her fellow mum followers for advice yesterday, after newborn baby Santiago developed some spots after breastfeeding.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to ask followers for help, Dani, 24, shared a picture cuddling her baby boy, writing: "Can anyone please recommend a safe body cream for me to use which won't irritate my baby's skin?

"Feel like where he's on the boob, my body cream is irritating him which has given him spots. Thank you."

Dani asked followers for advice (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

And followers were quick to offer advice, with one person writing: "It's probably baby acne very common. Pop some breast milk on his spots."

"I've seen a few people saying this!" Dani responded. "He's sleeping now so I finally get to have my shower so once his awake I'll try."

Meanwhile, one mum added: "It's baby acne my son had it too, I was worried he had an allergy but it will go x."

Dani confirmed she had checked with her midwife, explaining: "Same I was so worried but spoke to my midwife and she said it's not an allergy just a bit of bad skin. I didn't even think it was possible for baby's to get bad skin [sic].

"Thank you all so much for the messages and recommendations. Hopefully it clears up soon my poor boy you are still so handsome."

Followers were quick to offer Dani advice (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

Since Dani welcomed Santiago last month, the former Love Island star has been praised for being so open and honest about motherhood.

Speaking about the challenges of breastfeeding, after a follower asked how feeding was going, Dani said: "I've been doing a mix of both but it took a while for my milk to really come through..

"I always wanted to just exclusively breastfeed but it didn't end up that way. I breastfeed as much as I can but do use Aptamil milk when I feel like he isn't settled..

"If my milk decides to come through more then I definitely will just breastfeed but I think you have to take it step by step."

"Fed is best," she added.

Dani confirmed she had sought her midwife's advice (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

Meanwhile, Dani was also praised for opening up about her c-section.

Speaking about the birth, Dani admitted she felt like "a failure" for needing a caesarean.

"I had to have a caesarean in the end and I was crying about that, because I never planned that. I never wanted a c-section," she said.

"The baby didn't want to come out basically, he didn't fancy it. I know they're very common and I know they happen but I never wanted that, it was never in my birth plan. So I started feeling like a failure, it's ridiculous."

Dani went on to explain that, due to the umbilical cord becoming wrapped around Santi, doctors decided a c-section was the best option.

Assuring other mothers that a c-section was nothing to worry about, she added: "I do not want women to worry about c-sections, don't feel guilty about it, that was my problem." You can read more about that here.

Dani has recently opened up about having a C-section (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Dani was left mortified after dad Danny Dyer quizzed his daughter on whether Santiago was conceived last Valentine's Day!

Speaking on their podcast, Sorted with the Dyers, Danny asked: "After that Valentine's night out, was that when you had the roll about to impregnate you?"

Dani, explaining her and boyfriend Sammy Kimmence had been to see a performance of Pretty Woman last year, said: "No, no... it wasn't... I don't really want to tell you the roll about. It's a little bit... it weren't Feb."

Sorted with the Dyers is out every Wednesday. You can listen to it here.

Featured Image Credit: Dani Dyer/Instagram

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