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It Turns Out We’ve Been Filling Ice Cube Trays Wrong This Whole Time

It Turns Out We’ve Been Filling Ice Cube Trays Wrong This Whole Time

We were today years old when we learnt how to use ice trays properly.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We probably shouldn't admit to how many of our life hacks we source from TikTok, but the truth is, the video-sharing platform has become our go-to for simple yet brilliant tips and tricks.

From learning the right way to peel carrots, to the game-changing way to close your cereal boxes, TikTok is a haven for clever hacks, and the latest involves ice cube trays.

You might have wondered what the little flat areas in-between the moulds on your ice cube tray are for, but it turns out they serve a very important purpose.

The revelation was shared by TikTok user @4jmjcbitxh, who said: "Am I just dumb or did nobody else know this either?

"These little flat spots on ice cube trays are where you're meant to fill in the water."

Demonstrating how it's done, the TikTok user simply poured water from the tap directly onto the flat area, and showed how it filled up all four moulds in the section equally.

Mind. Blown.

"Instead I've been doing this," she said, showing how she (like most of the world, we imagine) would spend valuable minutes running the whole tray under the tap, trying to fill each hole equally.

Oh how wrong we were!

Do your ice cube trays have the flat areas? (

But it appears we aren't the only ones to have totally missed the memo on the flat spot thing, with people sharing their shock in the comments.

"I was today years old when I learned this," wrote one person, frankly speaking for us all.

"What da heck?! this is revolutionary!!" said another enthusiastically.

"Bro that never came with a manual so u good," offered a third.

However, there were a few smug people that said they'd been using the ice tray hack forever.

"No one knows this??? You literally let the water fill in one place and it flows to the rest," said one person.

"I've been doing this for years tbh," said another.

We had no idea what the flat areas on ice cube trays were used for (

Anyone else running straight to the freezer to check if your ice tray has the flat spots? This is a total game-changer.

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