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Woman leaves people stunned after revealing genius supermarket trolley hack without needing £1

Woman leaves people stunned after revealing genius supermarket trolley hack without needing £1

She took to TikTok to share a demonstration

One woman has left people well and truly stunned after revealing a genius supermarket trolley hack without even needing a £1 coin.

Now, I'm sure we've all rocked up to our local supermarket gearing up to do the big weekly shop only to realise you've forgotten a quid.

Well, it seems that problem is a thing of the past now that one savvy-shopper, who goes by the handle @tiger_lee_uk online, took to TikTok to share with her 116.k followers her nifty little trick to get around the age-old problem.

One woman shared her genius trolley life hack.

She shared a step-by-step demonstration of the life hack and people clearly couldn't wait to share their praise.

The trick in question saw the woman use two alternative items to release the trolley - the first of which being a Q-tip AKA cotton bud.

All you need to do is simply push the swab into the coin slot and the handle should unlock, allowing you to easily pull out the trolley and do you shopping.

And, to lock the trolley back up after you've finished, just push the trolley key back in round the back and the cotton bud can be pulled out easily.

Now, while the trick works a charm, it's clear that not many of us cut about with a surplus amount of cotton buds in our pockets.


One TikTok user sarcastically hit out: "Oh yeah, I always carry a Q-tip."

"If I remember to take a cotton swab I will remember to take a coin," quipped a second while a third chimed in: "Sometimes I forget the change at home. How do you think I'm gonna remember Q-tips?"

A fourth hit out: "Yeah because everyone carries cotton buds around with them..."

"Helpful as we all walk around with cotton buds," slammed a final critic.

So, to remedy that issue, the woman revealed you can also do the exact same trick using your front door house key.

She captioned the clip: "No coins for trolley? Worry no more coz Q-tips or key will do the job too!"

Hundreds of viewers have since rushed in to praise the woman for the hack with one writing: "Wooow, didn't know that, will try it for sure!"

A second penned: "Must try..."

"I saved this for later," thanked a third while a fourth piped up: "Oh why didn't I know this before? Will try it some day!"

A fifth gushed: "LIFE CHANGING!"

Reckon you'll be giving either of these trolley hacks a go?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tiger_lee_uk

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