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Skincare expert explains science behind viral dark circles potato hack

Skincare expert explains science behind viral dark circles potato hack

This handy hack will only cost you a couple of pennies

One of the greatest gifts that TikTok has brought us in recent years is the plethora of handy beauty hacks, each specifically designed by genius content creators to save users both time and money.

Already this year, we've discovered the 'correct way' to use dry shampoo to combat greasy hair, and been warned by experts about the risks of a viral DIY botox trend.

And amongst the hundreds of social media tips and tricks going viral on the video-sharing app this week is seeing women reportedly eradicate the dark circles from underneath their eyes by rubbing a root vegetable all over their face.

It's true, a handful of TikTok users claimed that by applying a potato to their under eyes caused their overall appearance to look brighter and smoother, with these videos being viewed over 1.9 billion times.

In the clips, users are shown to be patting or rubbing slices of raw spud across their cheeks.

And what might you surprise you even more is the fact that this handy - and very cost efficient - tip is actually being backed up by beauty industry experts.

According to Dr Stephen Humble - founder of skincare range Dr Humble Clinical Skincare and Medical Director of Hedox Clinic Harley Street - the theory over it's effectiveness makes total sense.

"With a raw potato it's high in vitamin C, it's got azelaic acid and it's got niacinamide in it as well - and this can reduce pigmentation," he told us.

The 'hack' has sent TikTokers wild.

"The negative is you've got dirty, raw potato; it's messy, it doesn't smell that nice. you're wiping it on your face and it can be quite a hassle."

He goes on to admit: "I would of course choose an eye cream every time over a potato! The eye creams available on the market have all gone through rigorous testing and formulating to directly target under eye area and pigmentation."

He adds that the hack shouldn't be recommended to those with spot prone skin.

"I personally don’t enjoy handling cold slimy potatoes but perhaps that is just me! The soil that is in potatoes may contain microorganisms, which would potentially increase the risk of acne," he explains.

"Worse however is any pesticide residue that may still be on the potatoes. For these reasons, we cannot exclude the possibility of infection or irritation."

Dr Humble warns us about the risks of this beauty practice, however.

Dr Humble did admit the possibility that potatoes have benefits for the entire skin in general and not just the undereyes. but says there is also a risk of microtrauma.

"Vigorous rubbing of anything under the eyes can cause microtrauma so I would avoid it," he continues. "Microtrauma could make fine lines, puffiness, pigmentation and loose skin worse!"

I guess we'll just stick to eating potatoes!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@skyesfskin

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