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Celebrity beauty expert warns people not to try viral DIY botox trend at home

Celebrity beauty expert warns people not to try viral DIY botox trend at home

The flax-seed hack has been slammed by experts

A group of celebrity beauty experts are this week using their platform to issue a warning about the risks of self-administered, at-home botox.

Don't worry, we're not talking about people injecting chemicals into their face without professional assistance.

No, no. We're on about a brand new skincare trend, which TikTokers have claimed gives you the same results as a botox session with a surgeon.

Influencers all over the world have been mixing flax-seed with water so that it forms a thick, paste-like face-mask over the skin.

The formula is said to then tighten around the face, with some social media stars alleging this handy hack reduces redness and inflammation.

Despite the cost-efficient and allegedly healthy hype around this 'botox alternative', a handful of licensed dermatologists have this week ruled against the use of this DIY skincare, with some insisting that it can actually do more harm than good.

Amongst those protesting against the at-home botox trend is skincare creator Scott McGlynn, who this week recorded an Instagram clip of himself watching a woman unable to 'move her face' after applying the controversial mask.

Scott wasn't convinced by the skincare hack.

Claiming that the reported health benefits of his lifestyle routine are absolute poppycock, Scott even went as far as to recommend actual botox!

"I wouldn't do this because you can't move your face," he told viewers. "You're not gonna go out like this, are you?

"If you're gonna get Botox, do it just the normal way."

And fans seemingly couldn't get enough of the skincare guru's hilarious frank verdict on this TikTok hack.

"Oh my, this is hilarious," one penned.

Another wrote, "Lol I'd rather eat cake too", whilst a third went on, "I don't think I could be a***d with making it".

And by the sounds of it, many other health experts are in agreement with Scott, including another Scott.

Also chiming in on the debate, Dr Scott Walker shared the video, where he said: "Essentially, all that's doing is creating a glue that tightens your skin.

The woman was unable to move her face.

"So yes, it can temporarily tighten as the mask dries, but is it going to give you any long-lasting effects on your wrinkles? No," he went on.

Michael Jazayeri then got involved in the conversation.

The licensed plastic surgeon commented: "I don't think flax-seed oil by itself is going to be able to penetrate through the skin to do anything.

"[With] Botox, we're actually injecting it past the skin, into the muscle and it causes paralysis... Don't expect it to work or last as long as botox."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@scottmcglynnofficial

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