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People Are Using Dishwasher Tablets To Clean Their Shower

People Are Using Dishwasher Tablets To Clean Their Shower

Cleaning your shower can be a difficult process, but there's a simple hack that will save you a lot of elbow grease!

Cleaning a stubborn shower is often no mean feat, and you can end up using a lot of elbow grease for less-than-perfect results.

But it turns out that there's a handy hack in this department that could save you a lot of effort and, depending on the products you've been wasting, money.

News of the hack has been doing the rounds on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean.

There, a user named Gemma shared a snap of her spotless shower with the caption: "Whoever suggested dishwasher tablets to clean your shower is a legend.

She added: "Never in my life have I been able to clean a shower with such ease."

A spotless shower after using the hack.

The social media user explained that all it took to get her shower looking like new was 'three Fairy dishwashing tablets.'

She wrote: "I literally just made sure the shower was wet, used a tiny bit of water on the tablet to soften it, then wiped over with the tablet."

Gemma explained that with the aid of a small scrubbing brush, she was able to effectively clean every nook and cranny of the shower.

However, she did warn other people that it can cause your shower to become very slippery with the amount of product in the tablet, so please be careful!

The post was flooded with comments from others who regularly use this hack to keep their showers sparkling (seriously, why is this not common knowledge?!).

A dishwasher tablet.

One commentator wrote: "My sister-in-law melts the tablets in hot water and makes a paste. Easy to smear over the shower."

"I cleaned mine with dishwashing tablets just the other day, such an amazing result and absolutely no hard work on my side," remarked another, backing up the ease of the hack.

A third added: "This is great work."

Meanwhile, a fourth suggested an alternative version of this hack, writing: "I used dishwashing liquid with a bit of vinegar and water over the weekend and was surprised by the result!"

A fifth user then explained how they most likely avoid a massive slippery situation - by dissolving the tablets in hot water, popping them in a spray bottle and voilà!

"It's so easy and produces great results," they explained.

But as anyone who's run a household knows, it's not just cleaning the house inside that can be tricky, so too can be washing your clothes in the great British summertime.

However, a mum has recently shared a brilliant, money-saving hack in that department too!

Featured Image Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook/Alamy

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