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Genius hack that frees up storage on iPhone has people stunned

Genius hack that frees up storage on iPhone has people stunned

One woman shared the handy hack to TikTok

We all love a good iPhone hack, and one woman has just left Apple users beyond buzzing with her genius trick that frees up storage almost instantly.

The woman, Hannah, who goes by the handle @hannahkoumakis online, took to TikTok to share the 'insane' hack that's left people's minds well and truly blown.

And the best part?

All you need to a simple piece of tech that will only cost you about a tenner or so.

Hannah revealed: "I was today's years old when I found out you can plug your hard drive straight into your phone and save photos directly into a hard drive.


She then shared a step-by-step tutorial trying out the handy hack.

The TikToker shared her screen where she selected several images from her iPhone photo album before clicking on the bottom left-hand 'Share' button.

She then scrolled on the drop-down menu to 'Save to Files' and then simply clicked on the hard drive saved under her own name as 'Hannah'.

Obviously, you can choose whatever name you fancy for your own.


Next, she created a 'New Folder' found on the top right-hand side of the screen shown under the 'Options' button and hit 'Save' and Bob's your uncle!

"Oh my goodness," she gasped.

Hannah captioned the short clip: "WHATTT!!!!! This is insane!"

And it seems viewers definitely felt the same with one TikTok user revealing: "Not me paying Apple for storage when I could be doing this."

"I love you so much for this," praised a second, while a third chimed in: "Cancels iCloud Storage… Thank you!"

A fourth penned: "Omg today years old as well, thank you for this haha!"

"And I was about to spend 8+ hours exporting them to Google drive," admitted a fifth, while a sixth quipped: "You just changed so many lives!"

"Omg NO WAY TRYING THIS NOW," exclaimed a seventh.

Another gushed: "This just CHANGED MY LIFE. No more loading everything to my computer!"

"Genuinely a great hack," echoed a penultimate TikTok user. "Off to go buy an adapter!"

And, a final viewer added: "The most useful thing I have watched online this year so far!"

Some, however, pointed out some minute issues with the hack.

"Nahhhh I need all my useless photos on tap whenever the situation arises," joked one, while a second critic hit out: "But I want the instant access to my whole life at any given moment!"

What do you make of the hack?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahkoumakis/YouTube/@TenorshareOfficial

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