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Man shares easy way to get rid of window condensation

Man shares easy way to get rid of window condensation

He took to TikTok to share the nifty trick

It's that time of year again when the chunky scarves coming out of hiding, pumpkin spice lattes warm our cockles and the heating gets cranked up as we prepare for the winter months.

However, one pesky thing that seems to inevitably always follow the chillier months is window condensation which is a total pain and, if you're not careful, can often lead to damp and mouldy conditions.

It's especially common in bedrooms, and many of us notice it first thing in the morning when opening our curtains and blinds.

So what can we do about it? Well, one bloke has shared his tips and advice for combatting the problem. Check it out:

In the clip, TikToker and property investor @thatpropertyguy explains why you'll often notice condensation in one particular room of the house.

Responding to a follower question, who asked: "We always get condensation, but only one window in the whole house and always in the morning... it baffles me," the TikToker explained what's been happening overnight.

He said: "A lot of people saying they get condensation on one window in the morning and I guarantee it's gonna' be your bedroom window... overnight, the moisture from your breath is going to collect on the cold surface of the window.

"It's the same principle when you breathe on a window."

Condensation is often found on bedroom windows in the colder months.
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To combat the problem, the best option is to either open your window by just a little, or purchase a dehumidifier - which removes excess moisture from the air within your home.

With winter - and soaring energy bills - it might be best to invest in a dehumidifier if you can, rather than lose valuable heat through opening windows.

"Limit it from happening by opening a window or getting a dehumidifier," the TikToker explained.

Dehumidifiers can vary hugely in price, but prices tend to start at around £40.

The condensation is caused by moisture from your breath.

Some people in the comments pointed out that many windows have vents that can be opened to try and avoid the problem.

One person said: "Most windows will have vents at the top or bottom they should be always open it allows for passive ventilation and stops condensation."

While another added: "Look for a vent at the top of the window."

And a third wrote: "You can put this type of window ‘on the latch’ or ‘stand off’, just pull the window to almost closed and rotate the handle. Useful if no trickle vents."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I have a dehumidifier in my room and they are very very good."

A final user suggested: "Leave your bedroom door open, it will not happen or will be a lot less."

Featured Image Credit: PaulMaguire/Getty Images/TikTok/@thatpropertyguy

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