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People swear by hot water bottle hack for sleeping in a hot weather

People swear by hot water bottle hack for sleeping in a hot weather

It's finally starting to feel like summer

Ahh, England.

We have been going through what feels like the rainiest, cloudiest start to the year, with spring being practically non-existent.

But, there is hope. After what has been the nicest week in 2024, we can finally get excited about summer.

Hitting highs of 24 degrees today (Friday 10 May), it's about to get to that time that we're kicking our duvets onto the floor and sleeping with the fan on.

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Hot, sticky, sleepless summer nights are the worst thing about everyone's favourite season, but fear not those without air con as social media is once again here to save us.

A resurfaced tweet containing a 'hot water bottle hack' has been doing the rounds that people have been hailing as a 'god send'.

Twitter user, James Uscroft, shared the 'cold water bottle hack' on the social media site during the heatwave of 2020, and it is still changing lives to four years on.

Flipping the normal usage for a hot water bottle on its head (to keep us warm on those cold winter nights), the trick basically sees your standard hottie filled with cold water instead and popped in the fridge or freezer for a few hours.

Come bedtime, you have a nice cold bottle to cuddle up to and help cool you down.


Sounds genius, if you ask me.

And clearly people on Twitter agree, with one saying: "I've been doing that for a few days. Makes sleeping a lot easier."

And another said: "This is just simply great. Thanks for the amazing idea!"

Tyla got in touch with James Wilson - aka The Sleep Geek - to find out if he'd recommend the trick and, interestingly, James thinks you should avoid making your water bottle too cold so you're able to slip into a comfortable sleep.

"Hot water bottles can be your friend in terms of getting better sleep during this hot weather, but the water should be lukewarm rather than cold," he explained.

"If something is really cold it will shock us and put our body into an awake mode (think about how you would feel if you jumped into a cold bath)."

James then advised: "Instead, in the hour before bed fill the hot water bottle with lukewarm water, place your bare feet upon it, and your body will have a little rise in core temperature and then it will cool down (very much like having a warm bath or shower) and this will help you fall asleep and stay asleep."

Sleep easy everyone, I know I will.

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