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Hair expert warns against damaging bedtime habit that 'breaks' strands

Hair expert warns against damaging bedtime habit that 'breaks' strands

She took to TikTok to share her handful of tips

I'm sure we all want healthy, luscious locks, but it seems there's one common habit many of us do that actually 'breaks' the individual strands of your hair.

A hair expert has issued an urgent warning about the naughty habit and exactly what you should be doing instead to ensure your barnet is as strong and healthy as possible.

The woman, MaryAnn, who goes by the handle @maryannharrison50 online, took to TikTok to share her 'anti-ageing' haircare tips.

MaryAnn, who regularly posts 'over 50 hair/skin tips', began by explaining: "I have three tips for you that do not involve any, any products."

The first pearl of wisdom on the rundown was to invest in a 'showerhead filter' as hard water is not just hard on your skin but also hard on your hair too.

"Hard water is as hard on your hair as bleaching your hair is so if you don't have a water softener, you need to get a showerhead filter," she warned.

Her second tip was to 'not go to bed with wet hair', adding: "Your hair rubbing back and forth on your pillowcase on the sheets and whatever is very damaging and can make your hair break off."


She continued: "It causes friction and it is just not good - so make sure your hair is dry before you go to sleep."

MaryAnn took to TikTok to share her hair hacks.

And last on the rundown was to regularly incorporate scalp massages into your haircare routine.

MaryAnn told viewers: "Scalp massage is very important especially if you're doing it with an oil once a week."

Speaking of hair health, another beauty expert has opened up on a single change you can make to your sleeping routine to create stronger strands and an unparalleled shine.

Taylor Rose - an American licensed trichologist (a specialist focussing on the head and the scalp) - has even gone as far as to warn her devoted followers that skipping this vital pre-sleep beauty step could reverse the progress your hair has made.

"Are you damaging your hair while sleeping?" she asked her social media fans in a new video posted to TikTok.

"You could be causing a ton of accidental damage to your hair during sleep."

Going to bed with wet hair is a no no.
Getty Stock Image

Taylor - who goes by the username @thehealthyhur on the platform - went on advise: "Here is how you should wear your hair for ultimate protection, from a certified trichologist."

It turns out, all that we should we implementing into our getting-ready-for-bed ritual is popping a hair bonnet onto our heads.

"The best option overall is to wear a satin bonnet to bed with your hair loose within the bonnet," Taylor explained.

Apparently, the bonnets can help eradicate the likes of traction of the scalp, as well as alopecia and damage caused by friction.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@maryannharrison50 / Tetra Images/Getty Images

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