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Expert reveals one major mistake you might be doing when cleaning your kitchen

Expert reveals one major mistake you might be doing when cleaning your kitchen

Amber the TikTok cleaning expert shares her number one mistake she sees people making when cleaning

We all like to think we’re the best cleaner in the house, but sometimes it takes an expert to come in and show you how to properly do it.

If you’re anything like me, and a lot of people, cleaning is such a boring chore, and it needs to be over as soon as possible.

That means spray, wipe and move on immediately.

It turns out there's a major mistake we're making when cleaning up in the kitchen.

However, it turns out that we've actually been making a major mistake this entire time!

A professional cleaner on TikTok by the name of Amber Elise from Bubbles and Buckets is teaching viewers how to clean their homes like a pro and to do it well.

But she revealed the one thing the majority of us are doing wrong... or using wrong, should I say?

From using too much product, the wrong tool or not letting it disinfect, Amber wants you to know that it’s not on.

The cleaning expert shared the worst cleaning mistake that you might be making and I'm ashamed to say that I do this too.

Amber Elise runs her own cleaning business.

Ditch the sponge.

According to Amber, sponges are super-spreaders of bacteria in your kitchen and shouldn’t be used outside of scrubbing the dishes.

She explained: “Number one - using the sponge in your kitchen sink to wipe down your countertops. Those harbour so much bacteria, so instead of using that, grab yourself a microfiber towel.”

Okay, but maybe I like the smell of my Rhubarb scented Method cleaning spray, Amber and a sponge doesn't mop it all up so I get to smell it on my counters for longer.

Well, as you can imagine, CleanTok viewers had a field day with this and were impressed by her simple tip.

Posted under her @bubblesandbuckets page, so many people quickly hopped on to praise her advice and go on to try them out.

As an avid microfibre cloth collector, I’ve got to admit, it’s piqued my interest too.

One person wrote: “I didn't know I was supposed to switch it out for a micro cloth.”

“I’m pretty sure most of us don’t do that.”

No, we definitely don’t.

Amber also urged her followers to be mindful of how much product they use when cleaning as, the majority of the time, we're using WAY too much.

Mind blown, I know!

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@bubblesandbuckets

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