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Expert shares hack for drivers to reverse into parking spot perfectly each time

Expert shares hack for drivers to reverse into parking spot perfectly each time

A driving instructor has shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to reverse bay park

A driving expert has revealed the secret behind mastering the dreaded reverse park manoeuvre in a couple of easy steps.

Sounds pretty hard to believe, right?

Of course, many drivers out there make reverse parking look ridiculously easy - but when it actually comes to it, a lot of us just can't seem to execute it without either scraping the car next to us or ending up embarrassingly wonky.

Well, according to one driving instructor, the reverse park isn't something to be feared and can actually be done in a couple of very easy steps.

An expert over at the TikTok page, The Complete Theory Test Kit, has shared exactly how they perform a reverse bay park and while making it look incredibly easy, they also gave step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

So, ready to learn?

Are you brave enough to attempt the reverse bay park?
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Step 1: Get into your starting position

The instructor - Pin Binning of DGN Driving - explains how as soon as you stop the car when in position along the parking bays, select reverse gear so any vehicles behind will know your intentions and will wait.

Step 2: Check all around

As everyone will remember from their driving lessons, checking all around - in mirrors, blind spots and behind - is vital before performing any kind of manoeuvre.

Step 3: Find the reference point

Binning then explains what the 'reference point' is, explaining a handy hack which involves motorists putting stickers on their door - but for those not wanting to use stickers, the reference point is roughly in line with their door handles.

Step 4: Line up the reference point with the white bay line

It is advised to fully check around again before proceeding.

Step 5: Reverse and steer fully to the left

As the car begins to move backwards, Binning says to fully lock the wheel to the left - because the car is about to swing out, blind spots will be checked once again.

Step 6: Check side mirrors

The side mirrors will show you how far into the bay you're in.

Step 7: Straighten the wheels when the vehicle is straight along the bay line

Take off the full lock and then slowly continue to reverse while checking all around. Stop using the reference point of the back window and make sure you're not too close to the curb.

The driving instructor gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to reverse bay park.

Simple... right?

Binning reminded his viewers that in a test situation - or real life, for that matter - it's fine to correct or readjust the position if you're not fully in the bay or straight enough. Just make sure every maneuver is done slowly and safely.

He also acknowledged that not everyone will have stickers in their car to remind them of the reference points, saying: "This is a learning technique for learners! Many have little to no experience, so this can really help. Think of them as training wheels on a bike.

"You will be able to memorise the reference points after a while."

It's also important to note there are other techniques when it comes to the reverse bay park, and it's all about finding one that's the most comfortable for yourself - as long as it's done safely!

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@thecompletetheorytestkit

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