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Genius 7p cleaning hack to remove grease and dirt from air fryers

Genius 7p cleaning hack to remove grease and dirt from air fryers

You'll probably have the items already in your cupboard

While kitchen appliances save us heaps of time when it comes to cooking and preparing food, it's clear things can take a whole lot longer when it's time to clean them.

From blenders and hand whisks to slow-cookers and kettles - it seems these time-saving devices can actually be a right faff to wash off after each use.

Well, it seems you no longer have to worry about the painstakingly long task of scrubbing down the latest raved-over kitchen appliance, an air fryer, after one woman shared her genius 7p hack to remove grease and dirt in under 30 minutes!

Cleaning kitchen appliances is never a fun job...
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Taking to TikTok, Chiara - who goes by the handle @thetummyfairy online shared a step-by-step explanation of how to best clean your air fryer.

In the short clip, she explained her 'safe and easy way' to clean an air fryer.

Chiara said you only need to pop in a 'squirt of washing-up liquid' along with a '1/4 cup of baking soda' to the air fryer drawer before filling it up all the way to the top with boiling water.

Then, simply wait 20 minutes before pouring it all out and rinsing it with warm water.

One woman shared her cheap-as-chips air fryer cleaning hack.

All you have to do after that is just dry the drawer with a paper towel to mop up after left-over residue and it'll be 'like brand-new'!

Mira Yordanova, owner at TopCleaningGB, previously spoke to The Sun about using baking soda to clean your air fryer.

She explained: ''The basket and the grilling plate can be removed on most air fryers and so one hack which is both effective and safe, is the use of baking soda.

Baking soda is great at removing grease and dirt from an air fryer.

''The abrasive nature of this household product means it can be very effective at lifting residue and grease.''

''As shown in many TikToks, simply create a mixture with a little water and rub on to the grilling plate and basket, gently scrub with a microfibre cloth and wash away!''

Mira did also, however, warn against using using hot water and washing-up liquid which she said 'should be avoided at all costs' - a piece of advice that seems to go against Chiara's hack.

"Firstly, most air fryers aren’t designed to hold this much water so you could end up breaking your appliance," she warned.

''If the water from the cleaning solution enters the internal electrical components you could end up short-circuiting your air fryer – or worse, causing a fire.''

The expert added: ''Lastly, water and electricals is never a good mix and could lead to a serious injury. So this is one hack I’d recommend avoiding.''

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ninjakitchenuk

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