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Woman Told She Can't Be Hired As Boss Thinks She's 'Too Fat'

Woman Told She Can't Be Hired As Boss Thinks She's 'Too Fat'

A job recruiter has spoken out after her bosses told her she couldn't hire a job seeker because of her weight.

A recruiter has said she was forced to tell a size 16 jobseeker that she'd not secured the position because the boss thought she was 'too fat'.

Faye Angeletta, 32, from London, works for recruitment company TDM Recruitment and had put forward the candidate to one of her clients for a role at a property firm.

Now Faye, who has worked in recruitment for seven years, has spoken out on social media after being told that the jobseeker was "not the slimmest.'"

Faye works in recruitment (

Faye claims the boss said he feared for the showroom stairs, or that the jobseeker would suffer a 'heart attack' due to her 'size'.

The unnamed jobseeker had just battled cancer and is taking steroids, Faye noted.

Faye decided to pull the size 16 woman from the running and explained she could not open her up to bullying over her appearance.

However Faye claims the jobseeker demanded to know the 'honest feedback' and she therefore felt compelled to reveal the comments her boss had made about the candidate's weight.

Faye posted the messages on social media (

Taking to social media to share the 'unbelievable' response, Faye was inundated with comments from other recruiters who branded the bloke 'absolutely disgusting'.

"On the phone he said 'well, you know, I worry for the stairs that we've got in the show room or her having a heart attack,'" Faye said.

"He was a slimy, horrible man. He laughed down the phone.

"This woman is a size 16 - the average size for a woman in the UK. It's just honestly unreal."

"I said to him 'I just want you to realise that your reason for not taking this candidate is wrong.

"There will be criticism and I have to filter what is said to me back to the client. This lady had a battle with cancer. She is actually taking steroids.

Faye said she would have felt responsible for the 'bullying that could happen' after hearing her bosses comments on the candidate's weight.

""If I put that person in that job, I would feel responsible for the bullying that could happen. I couldn't put her in a job where she would be judged on the basis of her appearance is absolutely not okay.

Faye posted about her exchange with her boss on LinkedIn (

"She said 'I want to know honestly what the feedback was'. When I told her, she just laughed and said 'are you joking?'"

Size isn't the only characteristic used to discriminate against potential candidates, as Faye claims recently one woman was rejected because she would soon get married and the hirer was worried she might get pregnant.

In her LinkedIn post, she even claimed candidates had been rejected for having 'garlic breath' and for 'stroking a cat' throughout an entire call.

Faye said: "This young lady was getting married in the next three months and he said 'she's getting married? You know what that means'.

"I said I didn't know what it meant and he said he needed someone committed and people change when they have children."

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