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Wedding guest called out for turning up in 'inappropriate' white see-through dress

Wedding guest called out for turning up in 'inappropriate' white see-through dress

The dress has caused outrage on social media for breaking several wedding attire 'rules'.

A wedding guest is being called out for attending the ceremony while wearing an ‘inappropriate’ white see-through dress.

One of the most well-known social rules for wedding attire is to avoid wearing white at all costs – unless you are the bride, of course.

Guests also tend to opt for clothes that won’t upstage the bride or divert attention away from her.

However, one woman has caused outrage online after another guest shared an image of her attire – an asymmetrical dress with a long back, which made it appear as though the garment had a train.

The sheer white dress was also quite revealing, which social media users say would be totally fine on any other day except a wedding. The unknown woman’s outfit revealed her white bodysuit underneath and had a slit.

The picture was shared in the Facebook group, “That's it, I'm wedding shaming”, in which people complain about the things people do at weddings which often break conventions.

The guest showed up in white.

“That is not that bride. And yes, that seems to be a bodysuit under the gauze fabric,” the Facebook user captioned the post. “It was pretty. The lady was gorgeous and edgy. But that's not what you wear to a friend's wedding, in my opinion."

Some people said the outfit was more suited for a trip by water.

“It looks more like a bathing suit and cover up than something you should be wearing to a wedding,” one Facebook user complained.

Other women thought that there might be a generational divide on what is considered acceptable to wear to a wedding as a guest.

One woman penned: “I must admit I think that dress is horrible. Each to their own I suppose but what is it with the number of young people who think it's acceptable to wear a long white dress to a wedding?”

While another social media user shared: “Y’all are getting too comfortable wearing white to weddings it shocks me without fail every time. Who raised these people??”

Earlier this month, we told you about a bride who said she wanted her bridesmaids to wear white to her big day.

The bride said she was happy with her 'timeless look'.
Tik Tok/ Gretzie Parth

Gretzie Parth was targeted by trolls after she uploaded a video of her special day to TikTok, which showed the bridal party in various white gowns.

Despite the backlash, Gretzie, a makeup artist, did not regret her decision and she explained why.

She said that no other colour had stood out to her, despite attending hundreds of wedding as part of her job.

"I am a bridal makeup artist, and I will tell you what, in the seven years that I have serviced a bridal party, there hasn't one time been a colour that has ever stuck out to me where I'm like, hmm, I wanna do that," she explained.

"I'll tell you what, it's my wedding day,” she said.

"My husband-to-be knows who I am, and I don't care for that kind of attention,” Parth said, adding: "My bridal party is so hot, and I want them to look and feel that way, too."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Pexels

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