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Teacher slams parents who gave identical twins 'ridiculous' names that sound the same

Teacher slams parents who gave identical twins 'ridiculous' names that sound the same

The teacher didn't hold back on their opinions regarding the choice of names

A teacher has slammed parents who gave their identical twins 'ridiculous' names that sound the same.

Whether it's outlandish baby name choices made by celebs or over-used monikers made my parents hopping onboard the latest name craze, the subject of children's names has long-since been somewhat of a contentious subject.

The latest controversy surrounds one set of parents' choice in mode of address for their twin tots.

Not only do the two names sound the same but they are almost equally identical in spelling, par a few letters here and there.

The teacher took to Reddit to vent about the situation.
Yan Krukau / Pexels

Identical twins are already pretty hard to tell apart - given that they're identical and all.

So, for one teacher, it's made things just that one bit even harder to distinguish a set of twins, who are taught in the same class at school, who have almost indistinguishable names.

The teacher took to social media to vent about the situation, explaining in a Reddit post: "I'm a substitute teacher and currently working in a room with identical twins named Selene and Selina."

The educator then joked with a laughing emoji: "Please convince me to not call CPS [Child Protection Services]."

They then questioned: "Anyone else ever come across an equally ridiculous sib set?"

"Forgot to mention," the teacher concluded, "I have a friend who knows twins named Mary and Marie."

The post has since clocked up hundreds upon hundreds of comments with many flooding in to share their own experiences meeting twins who also have extremely similar names.

The name trend clearly doesn't stop at just twins.

One Reddit user wrote: "My husband went to school with twins named Chris and Christopher."

A second echoed: "My dad knows twins his age named Rick/Ricky and Richard!"

"I went to school with twin girls named Kristen and Kirsten," revealed a third.

A fourth added: "I went to school with identical twins named Kelly and Kellen."

"I knew a Christina and Christopher," penned a fifth, while a sixth added that the similar name tradition even extends to triplets writing: "McKenzie, McKenna, and McKinley. Don’t know what they would’ve done if they had a fourth girl."

People seemed to agree with the teacher.

Talking of such situations, one Reddit user penned: "I can imagine their paperwork nightmare.

"I know a Valentina and Valentia with very similar middle names. They literally had to fix almost all their docs, because of typos or middle name mix-ups."

Fellow twin parents also weighed in on the matter with one hitting out: "As a twin mum, names like these make my teeth itch."

"As a twin mum, I’m right there with you…" added a final Reddit user.

What do you make of it?

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