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Woman Shares Game-Changing Way To Wrap Your Towel

Gregory Robinson

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Woman Shares Game-Changing Way To Wrap Your Towel

Featured Image Credit: @honestlyautumn/TikTok

We've all struggled to wrap a towel around us without it falling onto the floor in a damp heap.

Luckily for us one savvy TikToker has revealed a game-changing method to wrap your towel without the risk of a post-shower faux pas.

See the towel hack in the video below:


In the video, she demonstrates the 'wrong' way to wrap a towel around your body.

She begins: “If you’ve been wrapping your towel like this, you’ve actually been doing it wrong your entire life.

“It never stays on, it’s so annoying.”

She then shows her followers the hack, and as the wraps the towel the ‘correct’ way, demonstrates its sturdiness with a twirl and lo and behold, the towel remains in tact.

So, if you ever bump into your roommates or family after a shower you can be sure that there will be no embarrassing towel accidents thanks to this trick.

Commenters were quickly sold on the hack and pledged they were going to try it for themselves. 

“I love this hack,” wrote one TikTok user.

Autumn shows us how to wrap a towel (Credit: @honestlyautumn/TikTok)
Autumn shows us how to wrap a towel (Credit: @honestlyautumn/TikTok)

Another person shared: “Well it’s never [too] late to learn something new!”

Other people claimed they knew about the hack before the video but were unsure if it would work for them. One woman said: “The towel doesn’t fit over me can you do a hack with two [towels].”

She added: “I knew this hack for a while just couldn’t pull it off since I’m bigger.”

However Autumn urged the commenter to try it, replying with: “I bet it could work with two!”

Not only has TikTok taught us how to wrap a towel, the best ways to catch a cheating partner, and cooking hacks, it has also helped us find ways to feel safe and secure in our homes.

Watch this blind ‘hack’ below:


Carpenter @texascarpneter took to social media to share why it’s always important to close your blinds pointing upwards.

One person replied: 'I just, got up, fixed my blinds, feel violated, and thank you sir."

You can read more about the hack here.

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Gregory Robinson
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