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This Simple Fan Trick Will Help You Sleep Better

This Simple Fan Trick Will Help You Sleep Better

Blowing your fan out the window may actually help you sleep better, experts claim.

In this weather, we will take absolutely any cooling down tips we can get. We've put our bedding in the freezer, had a cold shower before bed and even frozen our hot water bottles.

But an expert has now presented another tip which is so simple, and is meant to work wonders.

Nelson Lebo, an eco design adviser from New Zealand, told the Daily Telegraph, that rather than blasting a fan in your face, pointing it outwards towards the open window is actually the best thing to do.

The reason this hack works is because the fan is meant to blow out the warm air from your room, while simultaneously pulling the cold air in.

Point your fan out of the window (

"The overall goal is to pull the warm air out while drawing cool air in once the outdoor temperature drops below the indoor temperature," the expert said.

He added: "It only works when the wind is blowing and then it works best when there is a direct route for the wind to blow through a home.

"What the fan does is, it forces cross ventilation, even when the wind is not blowing. A fan will also pull air around corners, as in our home."

This trick is a revelation, because too often people just blow hot air around the room, if they assemble it pointing at themselves, instead of the window.

While using a fan is essential in this heat, it's important not to leave it on all night when you sleep.

This is because sleeping with a fan circulates dust straight at you, as well as pollen.

Point your fan outwards (

This means that your fan could actually be triggering for those who suffer with allergies or asthma, Sleep Advisor reports.

"Take a close look at your fan," Sleep Advisor's expert suggests. "If it’s been collecting dust on the blades, those particles are flying through the air every time you turn it on."

This isn't the only issue that can occur if you lay by a fan for too long.

The expert adds that people's skin may well suffer, too, because the air blowing at them can dry it out. It can also dry you nasal passages, meaning you wake up feeling like you have a cold, because your body produces excess mucus.

And that's not all, it can encourage your muscles to stiffen, too.

"This is because the concentrated cool air can make muscles tense up and cramp," they explain.

In case you haven't noticed, we're currently in the midst of a rather intense heatwave, with an Extreme Heat Warning having been issued by the Met Office on Monday, for the first time ever across some parts of the UK.

The MET Office has currently issued hot weather warnings (
MET Office)

We've been told to expect temperatures which may peak at 33C in some parts of the country, and the warning is in place until midnight on Friday, spanning across Wales, all of southwest England and parts of southern and central England.

We don't think there's an option when it comes to using a fan ATM, but we'd suggest doing so in doses, rather than leaving yours on blast all day and night - and point that bad boy at the window to ensure it works best!

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