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How Much Leaving Your TV On Standby Is Costing You

How Much Leaving Your TV On Standby Is Costing You

You might be surprised...

With living costs soaring, many Brits are looking for ways to cut down on their spending and save money on bills.

People have been hit hard by soaring energy, fuel and food costs over the last few months, with the average household bills set to increase by 54 per cent to £1,971 from the start of this month.

With that in mind, people have been sharing their best energy saving tips - and did you know you that you could save over £132 a year by making one small change?

Leaving your TV on standby could make a huge difference (

Yep, money saving brand Discount Code has revealed the appliances that can save you money, simply by switching them off.

And your TV could be a big saver.

They explain: "A 2021 study showed that a massive 98 per cent of UK households admit to leaving their TV on standby at all times, with many wrongly assuming that turning off via the remote switches it off entirely – however this isn’t always the case.

"Leaving the TV plugged in and switched on uses 1.3kWh. As the average cost of electricity is now £0.28 per unit, this can add £132.86 a year to your bill."

Although not as costly as the telly, you can save by switching other appliances off, too. According to the brand, leaving your kettle on will cost you over £30 per year, while having your chargers plugged in will set you back an extra £20.

You could save by turning your kettle off too (

Meanwhile, a plug-in alarm clock will add over £7 per year and home exercise equipment - such as exercise bikes - could add just under £20.

Discount Code explain: "If you leave an appliance plugged in and switched on, even if you are not actively using the product, it will drain electricity.

"This is because electricity will be able to run through, thus increasing your energy use and, unfortunately, your energy bills.

"To reduce the amount of energy used and the cost of energy prices, simply switching off the mains means the electrical current is unable to flow through."

Exercise bikes could set you back £20 per year (

Looks like we'll be switching everything off from now on.

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