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Hotel worker praised for getting revenge on sun lounger hoggers in Spanish resort

Hotel worker praised for getting revenge on sun lounger hoggers in Spanish resort

Your towel won't save you here

A hotel worker has been praised online after taking revenge on people who hog sun loungers by the pool.

It's one of the less pleasant parts of going on holiday. You go down to the pool only to discover that there isn't a single sunbed in sight.

The hotel employee removed the towels from the unoccupied sunbeds.
TikTok / @perfectpicx

The only other option is to get up at the crack of dawn and sprint down to make sure you have a spot secured for yourself. However, this rather seems to defeat the purpose of going on holiday for me.

Some holidaymakers take a more strategic approach to securing a sun lounger - not wanting to lose their spot, they rush down and drape their towel over the lounger, only to scarper leaving the spot 'occupied'.

But it seems that one hotel worker in Majorca had had enough of this practice and decided to take matters into his own hands.

TikToker John McGowan caught the moment on video and posted it on the video-sharing platform.

The hotel worker reportedly set a timer for 30 minutes whenever they saw a towel abandoned on a seat. That seems fair, as maybe you'd want to just nip for a shower, grab something to eat or drink, or get changed.

But once those 30 minutes were up, the employee swooped in and seized the towels from the empty sunloungers.

Viewers of the video were delighted with the employee's work.

They were praised for dealing out poolside 'justice'.
TikTok / @perfectpicx

One wrote: "All resorts need to have someone monitoring this sun cot situation. I’ve seen people save their sun cots from morning until late afternoon."

Another commented: "Well done to this resort, hope others take note, might make peoples hols less stressful if the towel dash don’t happen anymore."

Grabbing a sunbed first thing in the morning can cause a stampede as holidaymakers rush for the best spots.

The seats closest to the pool are naturally the most coveted, with only the most committed tourists getting those.

However, with this employee doing his rounds the tactic of simply leaving a towel there to reserve the spot until you actually want to go is seeming no more, at least for this resort in Majorca.

A separate video shows just how insane the scramble for a good spot can be. A crowd of tourists charges along the poolside towards the loungers, with one particularly agile individual managing to skip between the beds to make it to the pool front.

It doesn't strike me as particularly relaxing.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @perfectpicx

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