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Holidaymakers think up ridiculous system to make sure they get a sunbed

Holidaymakers think up ridiculous system to make sure they get a sunbed

Tourists will apparently always find a way to leave their mark

The time for summer holidays is upon us, and that means one thing: time to stress about whether you're going to be awake early enough to get a sunbed.

Yes, I know it's a ridiculous thing to stress about - I'm sure we all do.

In a perfect world, the only things we should be focused on while on holiday are having fun, eating good food and soaking up some sunshine. But this isn't a perfect world.

Securing a sunbed is vital for some on holiday.

In fact, it's so imperfect that holidaymakers in the resort area Camp de Mar in Majorca, Spain came up with a whole system to try and deal with the stress of reserving a sunbed.

The resort has decided to take a stand against the early-morning sprint by keeping its pools closed until 8am, meaning visitors couldn't use towels to reserve beds before heading off to breakfast.

Unsurprisingly, however, tourists still came up with a way to leave their mark - and yes, it still involves towels.

A picture from the resort shows the system in action, with tourists having used their towels and other belongings to create a queue leading to the door of the pool.

Just like they're supposed to represent their place on the sunbed, the towels are used to hold the tourists' place in line before the doors are finally unlocked and the sunbathing can begin.

Visitors started using towels to hold their spots.

Holidaymaker Geoff had just been trying to enjoy his holiday when he came across the sight, saying:

“In an effort to control the sunbed madness, the door from the hotel to the pool area was kept locked until 8am. People were lining their towels up on the floor in a queue order by the door before it opened.

"I must add this wasn't youngsters, but mostly elderly and middle-aged people.

"The towel line actually went back much further (than the picture shows) and the owners were seated on the sofas just out of sight, ready to fly outside when the door was unlocked."

Geoff admitted that he doesn't know exactly how early some of the eager people got up to reserve their place in line, but he did spot an 'established towel queue' forming by the door as early as 6:30am one morning.

"Crazy behaviour!," Geoff said.

It's clear that not even locking people out of the pool is enough to stop visitors from trying to reserve beds - unfortunately it's a reality that we might just have to learn to live with.

Featured Image Credit: Mirrorpix

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