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Groom defended after telling sister her four children are her plus-one for the wedding

Groom defended after telling sister her four children are her plus-one for the wedding

A groom has been defended after he told his sister that she couldn't bring a plus-one

A groom has been defended online after telling his sister that her plus one would her four kids at his wedding.

While a wedding is supposed to be a magical day, the planning and buildup to it can cause a lot of stress, and sometimes even arguments.

From the amount of guests that should be invited to if kids should be allowed, there certainly are a lot of divisive talking points.

And this one groom-to-be has explained his predicament in a post on the 'AmITheA**hole' Reddit forum.

The anonymous man started off the post by claiming that he and his partner have a 'hard cap' on the guest list for the wedding due to the small size of the venue.

One groom has found himself in a bit of a predicament.
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"We can only have 105 people, anything after that would not be allowed due to fire codes and venue policy," he said.

He then explained how he has an older sister named Mia, who has been through a bit of a rough patch recently due to a marriage breakdown.

As a result, Mia and her four kids are apparently living at her parents house.

After deciding that the wedding would not be child-free, the man explained how Mia and her four kids, who are aged between four and 11, would be invited.

But his sister was not too impressed by the invite, which included just her and her kids names, as she thought that she would be aloud to bring a plus-one as well.

The man wrote: "She [Mia] called me and said 'I assume as an adult I also get a plus 1'.

"We told her no, she's not in a serious relationship and she and her kids are already about 5 percent of our total guest list.

"Our caterer also doesn't charge less for kids so we're paying about $400 for those 4 kids to be there, we don't want to pay another $100 for some random that she'd bring. "

Mia was told that her kids coming would be her plus-one.

Mia then said that she could find a date for the wedding or bring a friend along instead, but the couple stood firm and said that bringing her four kids is 'more than enough'.

The disagreement has since divided the family, with the man saying that his dad is on his side while the mum believes they should allow her to bring a plus-one.

However, if you head to the comments section of the Reddit post, you'll notice that many are on the groom's side.

"It's your wedding and your money. If she wants to bring a plus one then let her pay the $100 it's going to be to feed that person," one person said.

A second added: "I think you're being VERY generous allowing her FOUR CHILDREN to attend...and she had the nerve to ask for an additional person?? "

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I would tell her she can bring her kids OR a plus one."

And a fourth said: "If she is taking her kids with her, who she is expecting to watch them when she dances?"

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