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Surrogate grandmother reveals she's pregnant with her own son’s baby

Surrogate grandmother reveals she's pregnant with her own son’s baby

It's a lot more wholesome than it sounds.

A woman is about to give birth to her own son's baby - and the reason why is incredibly wholesome. You can find out more about the unusual pregnancy in the video below:

Nancy Hauck, 56, will give birth to her granddaughter this November after offering to act as a surrogate for her son Jeff Hauck, 32, and daughter-in-law Cambria, 30.

Jeff and Cambria had been struggling to conceive a baby for six years before they wound up welcoming two sets of twins.

But, after Cambria suffered serious complications with the birth of her second set of twins, she was left with no choice to get a life-saving hysterectomy, dashing any hopes the couple had for more children.

When the couple revealed that they'd love to expand their family, something told mum Nancy that she should volunteer as a surrogate and make their dream a reality.

“I just suddenly had a feeling a few months after that I should offer to do it," said Nancy.

“I told my son, and he teared up and was shocked - I hadn’t even told my husband at that point... None of us thought it would be possible because of my age."

The next time Cambria and Jeff visited the doctor, they mentioned Nancy's kind offer, noting that she had previously carried five healthy children without any complications.

Everyone was shocked when doctors confirmed that Nancy could be a carrier - though medics urged her to act fast before Nancy hit menopause.

“I was shocked it might actually be an option but still very willing to do it for my son," said the expectant grandmother.

Nancy has offered to act as a surrogate for her son.

Nancy began hormone treatment in January 2022 and, after injecting herself every day for 12 weeks, the family were 'over the moon' when they found out in May 2022 that it had been successful.

So far, all is going well for Nancy and her family - and parents Jeff and Cambria couldn't be happier.

“The pregnancy has been very similar to carrying my son, but I’ve been a bit more nauseous," said Nancy.

“My husband and Jeff and Cambria have been amazing throughout the pregnancy. I feel very powerful carrying my son’s daughter.”

She added: "My other children were a bit concerned for my health when I first told them. But they’ve warmed up to it all now."

Mum-to-be Cambria gushed: "It is so humbling that Nancy is doing this for us. She is sacrificing so much for us, and our family and we just feel so grateful.

"It has been so miraculous and beautiful to watch Nancy carry our sweet baby girl. She has been nothing short of amazing and filled with so much light and grace.

"They say pregnancy comes with a glow, but Nancy’s is a full-on lighthouse."

Nancy's daughter-in-law Cambria was left unable to conceive after a life-saving hysterectomy.

Meanwhile, chuffed son Jeff shared: "Having experienced over four years of infertility treatments, I knew how complicated the process can be and doubted that it was possible for her to carrier a baby for us - but I was very moved that she would even offer.

"The entire journey has left me in awe. I’m in awe of my Mom - her kindness, love, strength, attitude, wisdom, and dedication through this experience has been humbling and beautiful to witness."

Jeff noted that there is 'no repayment' for something as big as his mum's sacrifice, adding that all he can do now is 'follow the example my parents have set and try to give that same level of love and devotion to my own family and to others.'

If you are worried about infertility, you can visit the NHS site for more information here. Or for free, impartial support, call Fertility Network UK on 0121 323 5025 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or 07816 086694 on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 4pm. 

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