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Couple Create Mindbending Illusion As It Appears That They've Swapped Heads

Couple Create Mindbending Illusion As It Appears That They've Swapped Heads

This gave us a headache...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A couple were left rather confused when they took a picture on their brand new sofa only to see that their heads appeared to have swapped places in the picture.

Kellie Gnauck and Sam Cassidy took the celebratory pics to show off the emerald green velvet sofa recently, posing up a storm at their home in Greenwich, London.

But as they snapped the pictures on Instagram, snuggled closely together, they managed to create an optical illusion which looked like they had swapped heads with each other.

Take a look at this:

Wrap your head around this (
Kennedy News & Media)

The contortion comes from the way that Kellie is lying across Sam, while he rests his head on her shoulder.

However, the way their heads are positioned it looks more like each belongs on the other's body instead.

After spotting the mix up, Sam, 34, said: "I thought it was brilliant. I'd looked at the photo and realised how lucky we were to be chosen in such a world.

"We're a blessed pair, few people can say they've experienced such wonder.

"I think people online realised how rare this was. It's very rare - rarer than a unicorn!"

The couple without any optical illusions at play (
Kennedy News & Media)

Meanwhile, Kellie said: "I honestly thought it was fake. I didn't realise these types of pictures happened naturally.

"The optical illusion is the only reason we put it online. It was, by far, not the nicest picture [of us]."

The photo quickly drew attention and racked up more than 1,250 likes and comments from social media users

Kellie's caption read: "Photo shoot with your new sofa? Sure! Why not!

"And by pure luck and many blessings, we ended up with picture number three. Which might just be lockdown's finest achievement.

"Hell, it might be life's finest achievement...who's to say."

The pair got tonnes of comments from friends on the picture (
Kennedy News & Media)

Kellie's followers had also spotted the freaky illusion and were quick to point it out.

One Instagram user commented: "That last picture f**ked with my brain for a second."

While another penned: "Last photo is one of those photos where you get hella confused."

We concur! Anyone else get a headache trying to work it out?

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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