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Starbucks barista slams customer’s ‘hack’ to get drink for less than 5p

Starbucks barista slams customer’s ‘hack’ to get drink for less than 5p

She took to TikTok to share her thoughts

From the secret menu items to money-saving tips - it's clear everyone loves a good Starbucks hack.

However, it seems some 'hacks' are more widely accepted than others after one Starbucks barista slammed a customer’s sneaky attempt to get drink for less than 5p.

The woman, Sinéad Robbins, who goes by the handle @sineadrobbins online, took to TikTok to share with her 22.6k followers exactly how she handles such situations.

Have a look:

In the video, Sinéad explained what some customers think they can get away with.

She began: "So I work at Starbucks and today somebody ordered a handle bag, which is five cents as you can see here."

The barista then showed a photo of the customer's order label stuck to a plastic cup which did in fact show the amount they paid for the 'drink' was just five cents - which is barely anything in British pounds.

"And then there's like a text box where you can put in requests," she continued, before revealing what the customer had actually tried to order.

In the text box, the customer wrote: "Could I have a grande strawberry cream frappe with no whipped cream. Thank you."

Sinéad was certain to tell viewers that 'this is not a Starbucks hack', before revealing how she and other baristas handle the situation.

The Starbucks barista took to TikTok to expose the 'hack'.

"It was a little bit funny but it didn't work. We just cancelled the order," she explained.

"So don't do this, but this person really tried."

They sure did.

The video, which was first posted back in 2022, has gone viral after clocking up millions of views online alongside an avalanche of comments from people eager to share their reactions.

Many were totally baffled by the customer's request, with one TikTok user writing: "I genuinely have to ask what goes through people's minds."

A second penned: "I'd have just given them the bag."

"They LOVE to do this in the request section," hit out a third. "Like you're not getting s**t for free babe..."

Another stated: "Oh when I worked at Starbucks my favourite part was telling them no."

The 'hack' seemed to divide the internet.

Others, however, revealed they would have no issue doing the drink anyway even if the customer had only paid a few pennies for it.

"Am I the only one who would actually make it for them?? And this is coming from someone who works at Starbucks," admitted a fellow barista.

Someone else quipped: "Ngl I would’ve made the order. I gave out so much free food when I worked in service. Not like it’s coming out my check."

A final TikTok user echoed: "Just saying I would have done it if my boss didn't care, because it literally doesn't affect me at all."

Where do you stand on the matter?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sineadrobbins

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