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Mum hits back after facing backlash over daughter's school lunch

Mum hits back after facing backlash over daughter's school lunch

After fellow parents and a teacher criticised the food, a mum had a very clear response in defence of her daughter's packed lunch

A mum has responded to the criticism surrounding the food she put in her daughter’s lunch box after posting a picture of the food online.

People online thought that the food was ‘over-processed junk’ and said the items contained too much ‘sugar and fat’.

The bento box-style lunch container was filled with kiwifruit, gouda cheese sticks, a handful of peanut butter and chocolate cereal, peanut butter and jam sandwiches shaped to look like tacos.

The mum packed some cheese-flavoured crackers for her daughter to have as an afternoon snack, plus a packet of tortilla chips and an ‘extra snack’ of mini chocolate chip cookies. And to wash it all down, the mum packed milk and water.

After being criticised online, other parents came to her defense by stating that the packed lunch looked both ‘balanced and delicious’.

Lunchboxes for children have become a hot topic on social media, and many angry parents weighed in on how disappointed they are with the food.

“Where's the actual lunch? The actual food? Healthy food?” one person criticised.

Another disappointed commenter wrote on Facebook: “Lunch? Really? Nothing good for an eight-year-old child. I can't imagine giving my daughter this for lunch. Nothing healthy and none of it is safe for children if you don't want them to be sick."

This packed lunch proved to be controversial.

While a third keyboard warrior said: “Where's the protein? There's literally fat, carbs and more fat and carbs. Of course the kid likes this lunch, it's practically all sugar.”

A teacher in the Facebook comments said she couldn’t believe what the mum packed for her daughter’s lunch.

“This lunch would 100 per cent get sent home at my kids' school. They have pretty strict rules about no junk food for snacks," claimed one parent.

"There are so many snacks there, I would replace one with healthier fruit," suggested a different commenter.

Parents said they would pack a more healthy lunch.

The mum hit back at the naysayers, writing: “1. 90 per cent of the people on this post don’t even have children 2. Have immature pallets. 3. Are negative and lonely. 4. Based on some of your pages I wouldn’t be so fast to comment. 4. Half are too lazy to even attempt to pack any lunch and bragging about free school lunches."

Her response was well-received by some Facebook users, with one person praising the mum for the food and revealed they would follow suit.

“This looks so delicious, thanks for the inspiration," one thankful follower commented.

"Coming from a mumma whose kid didn't eat for two years at school, this looks awesome and thank you! I needed a few ideas and they look beautiful!" another parent said.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Pexels

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