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Newlyweds stun guests as they dish out McDonald's for their wedding meal

Newlyweds stun guests as they dish out McDonald's for their wedding meal

The surprise went down VERY well with their wedding guests

A bride and groom have gone viral after treating their wedding guests to a massive McDonald’s spread, which went down VERY well with those celebrating their big day.

Wedding food can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re opting for a sit-down three-course dinner after tying the knot.

And even when you’ve splashed out on a spenny feast, you can always guarantee that at least one guest will be complaining about dry chicken, bland tomato soup or a boring veggie option.

To avoid all that, why don’t you scrap all the luxury for something you know people will at least enjoy? And the best part is it won’t even break the bank.

One couple in France recently surprised their wedding guests with a fast food delivery in place of the usual formal meal, with footage showing them announcing the news to the room.

Taking to the microphone, the bride motions to the back of the room, as everyone turns around to see the big reveal.

The bride and groom surprised guests with an unusual spread.

In walks a delivery driver carrying paper bags filled with McDonald’s - a sight that is met with a huge cheer.

Groom Thomas Billaudeau posted the video on TikTok, tagging McDonald’s Beauvais Tille in the caption.

“Thanks for the treat at our wedding,” he wrote.

The McDonald’s restaurant commented underneath: “It was a pleasure to participate in this superb day.”

The idea was met with a great reaction from fellow social media users – including one person who’d even been a guest at the wedding, and said the do was ‘great’ and filled with ‘love and good humour’.

In a comment loosely translated from French, one person said: “Congratulations on your union! I'm sick of people who take out 30k loans to please others and then get criticized for it."

The sight any wedding guest would want to see.

Another added: “It's simple, effective and at least it's okay, a small marriage, but nothing better. I did the same, except it was a kebab plate lol.”

Someone else wrote: “I would rather eat McDonald’s at my wedding than go into debt for 25 years for a wedding.”


It seemed many people agreed with that particular comment, as it racked up more than 3,000 likes and 100 replies.

“Not wrong,” someone else agreed.

McDonald’s Beauvais Tille later shared the clip on its own TikTok page, saying: “Our McDonald's Beauvais Tille team was delighted to help make your wedding even more magical. Congratulations to the couple!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thomasbillaudeau

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