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People horrified after woman claims Americans don’t use butter in sandwiches

People horrified after woman claims Americans don’t use butter in sandwiches

Amanda is convinced that 'no one' in the US is putting butter on their sandwiches

An American woman living in France left people horrified after claiming it was 'weird' that French people put butter on their sandwiches.

Yes, you read that right. She thought the concept of butter on sandwiches was weird - so much so that she literally laughed as she spread butter on her own sandwich.

I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of Brits put some kind of butter on their sandwiches before adding the rest of the fillings, so it's hard to comprehend the idea that there are people out there who don't do this.

But according to TikToker Amanda Rollins, who goes by @americanfille, there are such people out there: Americans.

Now, I want to caveat at this point that the US is a very, very large country, so Amanda really can't speak for every single American when she says that they don't put butter on their sandwiches.

However, it's obviously a practise that evaded her completely growing up, so there must be some truth to her statement.

In a video shared on TikTok, Amanda filmed herself putting together a lovely-looking ham and cheese baguette.

I could eat this sandwich.
TikTok / @americanfille

It's a pretty standard sandwich, but Amanda made clear adding butter wasn't a normal part of the process for her.

The TikToker, who lives in Paris, explained: "It occurred to me that French people do something very weird with sandwiches that I think you guys would find strange so I wanted to share it with you.

"So this is butter...and what they do, it’s like a classic sandwich. It’s ham, cheese, and butter... No mayonnaise, no mustard, just butter."

Addressing the followers who she believed would be confused by the addition, Amanda added: "Listen, I know you might be thinking that sounds gross, it's actually so good."

We know, Amanda, we've been doing it for years!

TikTok users were left horrified after realising that Amanda didn't know butter on sandwiches was a 'thing', with one viewer writing: "Honestly I think it's only the US that don't put butter on their sandwiches."

Amanda was baffled over the use of butter.
TikTok / @americanfille

Another added: "Who doesn't use butter in their sandwich?"

In response to some of the baffled viewers, Amanda claimed: "I promise you no one in the US is doing this, at least not on the east coast."

Though Amanda was clearly confident in her claim, it became clear that butter-gate doesn't extend up to Canada, as one person commented: "Canadian, grew up with buttered sandwiches. I don’t do it anymore because personal preference but this is a classic."

If you're an American who's never tried butter on your sandwich, why not give it a go? It might just change your life.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @americanfille

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