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Sleep expert reveals five ways to make bedroom warm in winter

Sleep expert reveals five ways to make bedroom warm in winter

You may want to take note of these helpful hacks...

There's really nothing better than feeling well-rested and ready for the day ahead after waking up from a good night's sleep.

However, we're now just a matter of weeks away until Christmas in the very heart of winter and I'm sure we're all feeling the chill as temperatures plummet lower and lower each day.

But, not to worry, as one sleep expert has revealed five handy ways to make your bedroom warmer this frosty season.

Now, we've already talked about the '4-7-8 method', which is allegedly the best way to get back to sleep in the middle of the night, as well as the 'three 15s' hack that is sure to get you a better night's kip. This is in addition to the mysterious but impressive '10-3-2-1-0 rule' alongside the viral military sleep method that helps you fall asleep in two minutes and the bizarre 'cricketing' sleep hack.

But, there's some things you can do before closing your eyes and resting your head against a pillow to properly ensure you get a cosy night's sleep.

Brits are now getting ready to fork out for higher heating bills and Christmas purchasing all amid the backdrop of a cost of living crisis, with many looking for money-saving tips to keep their outgoings as low as possible.

Sleep expert Chris Tattersall has since revealed exactly what you need to do to transform your icy bedroom into a snuggly oasis of toastiness.

Wool-based bedding is your best friend when it comes to making your bedroom warmer.
skynesher / Getty Images

Chris, who is MD of the UK’s leading natural sleep specialist Woolroom, shared his top tips on how to do just that.

Speaking to Fabulous, the beddy byes aficionado's first tip on the rundown was to 'choose wool bedding'.

He explained that a wool bedding filling is great for warmth because of its 'temperature regulating qualities'.

"While perfect for all times of year, wool bedding is especially effective in autumn and winter," he said. "As you sleep and naturally perspire, wool absorbs and releases moisture into the atmosphere, keeping you at the perfect temperature all night-long, despite the colder conditions.

"Wool creates a personal micro-climate allowing you to feel more naturally snug and cosy during the cold winter nights."

Second on the list, according to Chris, is to 'choose a heavier duvet'.

"The ideal duvet tog for winter is between 13.5 and 15," the sleep expert suggested.

He added: "For extra cosiness, why not cocoon yourself in wool with a wool mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort and warmth?"

Silk pyjamas will help keep your body heat in.
FreshSplash / Getty Images

Now we're talking.

Chris' next piece of advice is to invest in some 'winter pyjamas for winter temperatures'.

He warned: "Before choosing your pyjamas, make sure that they are made from natural fibres like organic cotton, linen, silk, or ultra-fine merino wool.

"This will create a more breathable sleeping environment, preventing you from overheating should you wrap up too warm.

"Synthetic fibres are also more likely to leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable as they trap this heat in."

Not only should you opt for the silky PJs but Chris says you should also don a pair of socks to bed.

"The blood vessels in your feet are closer to the skin’s surface, so wearing socks will warm them up, making you feel toasty all over," he stated.

"Wearing socks to bed can also help you fall asleep faster, though be sure to wear natural socks made from wool or cotton, not polyester to avoid feeling clammy or sweaty."

Fourth is to 'bring back the hot water bottle'.

A hot water bottle will help turn your bed into a cocoon of cosiness.
john shepherd / Getty Images

"If you prepare it prior to you going to bed and pop it under the covers, by the time you’re ready to go to sleep it’ll have warmed your bed up perfectly for your arrival," he explained.

And last but by no means least is to pick yourself up some 'warming bed accessories' to really lock in the boudoir heat.

Chris said we shouldn't just be settling with a duvet but should also incorporate an added extra layer of warmth like a wool throw to our beds.

"Using wool products in your sleep environment has been proven to give you a 25 percent deeper more regenerative sleep, meaning you will not only sleep warmer and cosier, but be better rested as well," he noted.

"Investing in wool bedding is the perfect way to counter the colder temperatures, to ensure a cosier night’s sleep this autumn and winter."

Will you be trying out any of these tips?

Featured Image Credit: Flashpop/skynesher/Getty Images

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