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Woman praised by parents after making parody videos about mum-shaming on Facebook

Woman praised by parents after making parody videos about mum-shaming on Facebook

The TikToker creates hilarious skits of mum-shamers online

A woman has been praised by parents for her parody videos about mum-shaming on Facebook groups.

These hilarious videos began after the creator herself experienced a pile-on of shaming comments during her first pregnancy.

Many mums are relating to the parodies as some say they now ‘avoid all the mummy groups’ completely due to the situations depicted.

Well, Cecilia ‘Ceci’ Kane decided enough was enough and now takes to TikTok to poke fun at mum-shaming with her 139k followers.

In one of Cecilia’s ‘Mom Group videos, she plays a mum announcing the birth of her child to the group with a ‘veteran mom’ reacting to the responses.

She says: “Gave birth to my new son via C-section two days ago, just wanted to let everyone know that we’re happy and healthy.”

Creating different characters, Kane acts out each reply from the imaginary Facebook comments – with each of them oddly balancing random objects on their heads from eczema cream to washing up bowls.

One of these characters says: “Well technically that’s not giving birth but he is very cute.”

Another even brags: “Congrats, I gave birth to all five of my children in the comfort of my own home.”

And one says: “I don’t know why so many people are so quick to jump to C-sections when natural births are so much more rewarding.”

The mum hilariously recreates Facebook 'mum' group conversations.

All of this comes to the disgust of the ‘veteran’ who offers more positive responses such as: “Why do you care about the birthing methods of a stranger? Childbirth is the natural thing a woman can do. Yeah, and sometimes that happens via C-section.”

Cecilia says she doesn't copy the comments directly from any group, but her quotes are instead based on things she's seen over the years as a mum herself.

She told TODAY more about her first experience of mum-shaming after asking a question about epidurals to a Facebook group, explaining: “I was trying to figure out my birth plan and was just hoping to get more information.”

However, Cecilia received all kinds of negative responses rather than actually helpful comments.

The mum recalled: “People were like ‘You could be left paralysed,’ ‘You could have nerve damage,’ ‘There are 100 things that could go wrong.’ Everybody was jumping down my throat for even having mentioned medication. It was all this fear-mongering."

Cecilia opened up about the negativity and shaming she'd receive from other mums.

But Cecilia’s hilarious videos skitting mum-shaming resonate with many mums who say the situations she depicts are ‘so excruciating’.

She added: "Mom groups can be wonderful, supportive places, you just have to find the right one. Just never post your kid eating, sitting in a car seat or anything that has to do with sleep.

"If you do that, all hell is going to break loose."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kanececi

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