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Bride left furious with bridesmaid after she refused to dye 'unsightly' grey hairs before wedding

Bride left furious with bridesmaid after she refused to dye 'unsightly' grey hairs before wedding

The bride has been criticised for asking the bridesmaid to dye her hair for the big day.

A bride has been left furious with one of her bridesmaids as she refuses to dye her grey hairs before the big day.

Of course, planning a wedding is very stressful, as you spend much money and time for that ideal perfect day.

From the dress, to invitations, to the mammoth price of catering for such a large group, there is an awful lot to organise and potentially get stressed out about.

However, this one bridezilla has been criticised online for a rather odd request she has put forward to one of her bridesmaids.

The bride-to-be posted anonymously to a Facebook wedding planing group earlier this month.

Looking for support, the woman said that she decided to post without revealing her identity as the bridesmaid in question is also a member of the group.

The bride explained her situation on Facebook.
Scott Webb/Pixabay

Sharing her story, the woman wrote: "Today we met up for our monthly meeting to go over the agenda and order of the day.

"I noticed when my bridesmaid turned her head that she's got quite a number of grey hairs."

After the meeting had come to a close the woman said that she pulled her bridesmaid aside and 'suggested' that she should dye her hair.

However, the bride continued: "She refused and said hairdresser appointments are too expensive and she's allergic to box dye.

"It's really unsightly and I'm worried it's going to take away from the beauty of the dress I chose for her.

"Any tips on what I can do? I can't pay for her hair appointment as I've exhausted my bridesmaid budget now."

The woman then explained how she thinks the hair is only going to get worse before the big day.

The bride has been been left stressed out by the grey hair.
Galina Krupoderova/Pixabay

Well, it appears that many are not best pleased with the post, with one outraged member of the Facebook group taking to Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum to share the post.

Hundreds flocked to the comment section to echo similar issues with the woman's stance.

"I’ll never understand why getting married gives people the idea that it is ok to act this way," one person wrote.

"Shaming someone for gray hairs, like honestly, no one cares! How awful."

A second added: "When did weddings stop being about celebrating the love two people have, and become this whole 'ME ME ME' thing it's f****** exhausting and ridiculous."

Meanwhile, a third sarcastically remarked: "OMG in 10 weeks her hair will be completely grey. She’ll be all hunched over and her teeth will be falling out as she hobbles down the aisle. The wedding will be ruined."

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