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Expert explains why you should never put 'Beware of the Dog' sign on your home

Expert explains why you should never put 'Beware of the Dog' sign on your home

You may think twice about this addition to your property

One expert has explained why you should never put a 'Beware of the Dog' sign on your home.

While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing piece of decor in your abode, it's clear that a whole load of people still have such signs plastered around their property.

Some home owners put the warning signs up in the hopes of deterring burglars, but apparently this is a major mistake, according to some home insurance companies.

Home insurance companies have warned against putting up 'Beware of the Dog' signs around your property.
Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

The experts warn that the signs reveal to any potential opportunistic burglars out there that, firstly, you own a dog which roams across the property and/or you have valuables worth nicking.

Passers-by may also interpret the sign as a indication that you therefore rely on the pooch as opposed to a proper security system to ensure the safety of your home and your high-value items inside it.

Sarah Smith, the head of underwriting at insurance firm LV, explained: "It signals there is an animal in the property and that it is moving around."

She continued to explain: "This means there could be an opportunity to enter the property without triggering a possible sensor alarm."

Those type of alarms may not be used or may be disabled when a pet is present as otherwise their movement could just constantly set it off.

"If you think a sign saying 'Beware of the Dog' will ward off burglars, you could be sadly mistaken," Smith added.

The sign indicates to burglars that there are valuables in the property.
James Reimer / Getty Images

Speaking of burglars, a group of former burglars shared the five things they look for when it comes to targeting homes during the holiday period.

Anthony Neary, the managing director of security retailer, has got the low-down from former offenders to find out exactly what things they keep an eye out for when picking their victim.

Up first on the list is empty packaging as it allows any burglar casing your estate to see that you have a lot of valuable items ready to be taken.

Similar to the first point, some burglars noted that they're able to gain access into a home using things that have already been left around the property like wheelie bins and sheds.

Next is social media posts as these can advertise that your house is unoccupied if you're away.

And last but by no means least on the rundown is probably the easiest thing to remedy - unlocked doors.

According to one ex-burglar, many people who target homes are opportunists who simply go about trying to enter doors in the hopes that one happened to just be left open so be sure to double-check the front door!

Featured Image Credit: Catherine Falls Commercial/James Reimer/Getty Images

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