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Man furious after apartment he rented during Eurovision is cancelled and reappears for £20,000

Man furious after apartment he rented during Eurovision is cancelled and reappears for £20,000

According to messages, the owner claimed the cancellation was due to an 'error on the booking calendar'

Now that we know Liverpool will be the location for the Eurovision Song Contest next year, fans of the iconic music event are already looking at planning their accommodation.

Unfortunately, one man was left fuming when his booking for a flat in Liverpool was cancelled, with the residence then relisted with a huge new cost of £20,000.

The semi-finals for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 9 and 11 May before the grand finale on 13 May.

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest will take place at Liverpool's Echo Arena.
Marianthi Lainas / Alamy Stock Photo

Connor Gregory, 23, said he'd booked a flat in Liverpool for next year which set him back around £200. After the host city was confirmed last week, he was contacted by the owner to say his trip had been cancelled.

“And the cancellations start. Booked this way back in May/June, too good to be true,” he tweeted.

Gregory then shared screenshots of the messages he'd received from the flat’s owner.

“We are excited on your stay. However, the property will no longer be available on [these] dates, apologies,” the text reads.

“Please accept the cancellation request to receive full refund.”

Confused, Gregory asks: “Sorry but I’ve already booked this? How’s that possible?”

He then got a reply claiming the cancellation was down to an ‘error on the booking calendar’.

However, he was not convinced, replying: “No it’s not.

“I’d rather you just said it’s because one of the biggest music events in the world is coming to Liverpool and you want more money as prices have shot up.

“Please just be honest and I’d be alright with it.”

Gregory then took screenshots of the flat’s new listing – with its whopping new price - which quoted up to £20,295 for a five-night stay or £16,245 for a four-night stay. 

"From £200 when I originally booked, she is now wanting over £20k, what a lovely classy lady, trust you will be dealt with” he said. 

The flat is listed on as being a ‘luxurious central apartment with parking’ is located ‘right in the heart of Liverpool’. The apartment is only 0.6 miles from Liverpool Arena, where Eurovision will be taking place. 

Gregory tweeted an update after contacting, saying that the company told him ‘proper action’ would be taken.

“I have been in contact with Booking[dot]com, who has told me that they (the renter) cannot cancel my booking until I have,” he shared.

“They have confirmed it’s still mine and they are filing a complaint because of their behaviour and will take ‘proper action against them’. 

“The lovely man from booking looked through the messages and said to me ‘he is aware of the situation’ meaning he can see why she bumped her prices up and is letting me stay there. Let this be a lesson to her to not price gouge, hope she enjoys her investigation coming her way.”

Tyla has contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@connorjg22

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