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While you want to look forward to that summer holiday you've had booked for months, there are certainly a few worries first before you are sipping a piña colada on the beach.

Unfortunately, for one couple their cocktail drinking - or sighting seeing in their case - was put on hold as they were refused entry on a easyJet flight after an argument with crew over the size of their luggage.

Siavash (@siavashmdesign) claimed he and his wife couldn't get on their flight from Paris to Berlin after a staff member refused their cabin bag.

Following an argument between the two parties, Siavash claims staff refused him and his wife entry onto the plane and apparently didn't provide a reason as to why.

The man shared a video on Twitter of the incident, in which he seems to be arguing with the crew member at the check-in desk.

The passengers were refused on their Paris to Berlin flight.

In the short but chaotic clip, Siavash shows his small suitcase sitting in the easyJet bag measurer which is used to check the size of passengers' bags before boarding.

He followed up the video with a series of tweets explaining his version of events: "How rude and terrible @easyJet is!!

"Unbelievable, a girl didn’t let us depart while two of their colleagues accepted and our luggage was fit!

"The same flight and luggage we had before. She said we are rude and didn’t respect her!"

The angered passenger went on to claim they 'wanted to call the police' and said that with an over one-hour delay they still couldn't board.

He continued: "The manager told us google the support of the #easyjet and we are no responsible to explain you anything! We don’t lose anything you are losing your flight!

"Who is responsible for this mess and rude behaviour of easyJet!"

In a statement provided to the LADbible Group, an easyJet spokesperson said: "After allowing the customers to board the flight they displayed disruptive behaviour towards our staff so we were unable to allow them to travel as a result."

easyJet say the passengers displayed 'disruptive behaviour'.

The easyJet website states passengers can take one small bag per person on board the plane completely free of charge.

Bags can weigh up to 15kg, must be able to fit under the seat in front and be a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm - including any handles and wheels.

However, if passengers want bigger bags, they now need to select an 'Up Front' or extra legroom seat or need to book a large cabin bag for their ticket.

And it is certainly important to remember in the airport rush, if your bags do exceed the requirements you've paid for, you will be charged at the check-in desk.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@siavashmdesign

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