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Horrified couple find giant tarantula in their luggage after coming back from holiday

Horrified couple find giant tarantula in their luggage after coming back from holiday

James and Emma arrived home from their Mexican holiday with a surprise traveller.

A couple were left in shock after discovering an eight-legged stowaway in their luggage.

If you don't like spiders, then best look away now:

Nobody likes uninvited guests, especially when they’re a creepy-crawly.

James Mugridge, 31, was left ‘shaking’ as he filmed the tarantula tucked away in the corner of their suitcase.

The business consultant and his partner, Emma Forrester, a contaminated-land specialist, could both be heard freaking out at the luggage stowaway in the footage.

James even let out a manly shriek as they tried to figure how to get the spider out of their suitcase.

"The day after we got home from Mexico, I was taking the clothes out of the case in handfuls and spotted the tarantula down the side of the bag,” he recalled.

The couple found the huge tarantula in their suitcase.

Thankfully, the couple avoided having a very embarrassing moment by not calling the emergency services to have the spider removed, unlike one anonymous woman who was publicly called out by West Yorkshire police last year for doing exactly that.

James and Emma discovered the tarantula while unpacking their stuff from their 13-hour flight back home.

And it turns out the couple have a very specific theory about how the spider came into contact with their suitcase.

Emma joked about the tarantulas on the wall outside their hotel.

A wall by their hotel pool in the jungle on the Yucatan Peninsula was covered in the creatures and Emma even joked about taking one home as a pet at the time.

Well, one of the tarantulas must have heard her and decided to accept her offer.

It was an ill-fated excursion to Topsham, Devon for the tarantula as it was found dead in the suitcase.

After discovering it, the couple managed to take it out of their suitcase using chopsticks and deposited it in a Tupperware box.

The couple arrived home from Mexico with an unexpected guest.

James shared: “He must've got in there when we were in the jungle accommodation.

"The worst part is when you're re-packing a bag with worn clothes, you're just shoving them down inside. It's a horrible thought to think my hands were anywhere near him when he was alive.

"He probably would've turned up in the UK alive if the flight wasn't overcrowded, as the bag was actually hand luggage. "However, it got moved into the hold where he must've froze to death.

"It's quite funny actually. When we were flying out, we got delayed for hours as Emma went through customs with a banana, but when we got back into Gatwick with a tarantula, we went straight through no questions asked."

Perhaps the tarantula was determined to see the coastal views that Devon has to offer but sadly, it never will.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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