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'My Journey Transitioning To A Girl'

'My Journey Transitioning To A Girl'

TikToker Dylan Mulvaney is sharing the early stages of transitioning to a woman with millions of people on social media.

Dylan Mulvaney is in the early stages of transitioning to a woman, and her journey is extraordinary. Watch below.

She has kept a daily video diary of her journey, which she shares wither 6.6 million TikTok followers.

Some of the adventures Dylan’s followers have seen include her recounting getting laser hair removal and not being able to shave for seven days, as well as buying tampons for the first time.

From a young age, Dylan felt feminine and enjoyed wearing women’s clothes and make-up

She has come out multiple times in her life, identifying as gay, then non-binary and finally her true self as a trans woman.

In one video, Dylan received feedback about using the term ‘girl’ instead of ‘woman’ or ‘female’, which she took into account.

Dylan has shared footage of her transformation on TikTok.

In a later clip, Dylan explained: “I would consider myself right now, hyper feminine. Like, I feel like a bimbo. I feel like a Barbie doll sometimes and I think right now that’s what I need to do for my inner child because I never got to wear the pretty dresses. I never got to put on the makeup. And so now, it’s almost as if I’m like, reliving my younger self.

“I get to wear pink. I get to go all out. And so right now this girl that I am, this woman that I am, is so feminine.” 

However, Dylan has not ruled out adapting her identity again in the future. “But, you know, a few years from now, I might kind of settle into my womanhood and I might not need to try as hard.

"Maybe I’ll wear a pantsuit. Maybe I won’t feel like I have to wear the makeup, but for the moment, it feels really good because I get to be this person I’ve always wanted to and I think a lot of trans women do go really far in the feminine direction just because they want to be seen s a girl when they’re walking down the street.

“These clothes, this makeup is sort of my armour.”

Dylan said she feels like she is 'reliving her younger self'.

On Dylan’s sixth day of being a girl, the TikToker was asked if she planned to change her name.

“I really like Dylan,” she began. “And I think that it’s a great girl’s name and I think that a lot of celebrities are naming their daughters Dylan, so in a way I was just ahead of the trend!

“And the only other name that I could really see really suiting this personality would be like Genevieve and that’s a mouthful and I also don’t think I know how to spell it.”

Dylan also educates her followers on the process on receiving hormones and even showed viewers her ‘biggest insecurity’ – hiding her beard with makeup.

By being open with her daily life, Dylan wants to create a supportive community for trans people across the world.

Unfortunately, Dylan’s positive, uplifting and educational videos are sometimes met with unwanted negative and ignorant opinions.

Tyla readers loved hearing Dylan's story and took to the comments section to share some words of encouragement.

One social media user said: "I’ve been following this series in TikTok and I really love it.

Dylan keeps her 6.6 million TikTok followers up to date on her transition.

"It’s important for other people to see other people's successes and struggles. It opens to door to talk about these things and to feel a little more human about everything.

"She’s brave as hell to document this metamorphosis and I feel lucky that we get to go along with her."

Another proud viewer said: "I love her! So brave documenting her first few weeks as a girl/woman! Her thoughts on a name change made me laugh, I too cannot spell that name either."

A third person shared: "She seems so happy. I admire those with the courage to live as their true selves. Cowards only have hate."

While a fourth added: "Dylan, your beautiful personality shines through, I wish we were friends as you seem so lovely. Keep being authentically you, you deserve nothing less! Big hugs girl xxx"

Other viewers said Dylan's positivity made them smile: "I absolutely love how when she speaks, she speaks with such a beautiful smile on her face and with so much excitement. It’s so infectious it made me excited and smiley xx."

You can see more of Dylan's journey here.

Featured Image Credit: @dylanmulvaney/TikTok/Instagram

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